Radio Flyer Makes The Best 3 Wheel Scooter for Kids

Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter
Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter

Most people enjoy accessorizing toys and gifts, but have you ever thought you could personalize a scooter? Radio Flyer makes one of the best 3 wheel scooters for kids to ride. While it is sold in retail stores, but if choosing to buy it online at, families have the option to personalize and accessorize their own scooter.

In under a week, the scooter can be delivered to the front door, just how you or your child designed it!

What is a 3 Wheel Scooter?

3 wheel scooters are prefect for children in the 3-6 year-old age range. Instead of having only front and back wheels, which can require a lot of balance, these scooters have 2 large wheels in the front and one smaller wheel in the back. 3 wheel scooters give younger children a more stable foundation to ride on until they learn to balance.

Radio Flyer's 3 wheel scooter includes learn-to-steer technology, where a child can smoothly and easily take turns and corners. Kids learn to shift their weight from one side to the other, but can still ride fast, while turning with less chance of falling.

What Kinds of Accessories and Personalized Features are Available? 

Decorating a bike or scooter should not limited to choosing one with stickers of your child's favorite Disney Princess or Star Wars character.

When designing a Radio Flyer scooter, children have more than the choice of color, and can decide upon various accessories and personalization designs.

In total there are over 250 possible combinations.

The base scooter includes a choice of 4 colors (red, blue, purple and pink) and the ability to also choose from 2 deck styles (bubbles or rhythm).  All scooters include a foot brake, soft foam hand grips and an adjustable handlebar for when kids grow in height.

Additional accessories that can be purchased separately, which will increase the cost of the toy, include light-up wheels, a storage case, a bell and a custom decal for the scooter that could include the child's name or any word up to 10 characters in capital letters.

The base scooter costs about $50 plus shipping. After adding all of the accessories and including shipping, the final price of a fully customized scooter is just under $100.

$100 may seem expensive, but if you are purchasing this toy for a child in the younger side of the intended age range, the handlebar is adjustable, so the toy will grow with the child over the course of several years making it a good long-term investment and a simple way to provide kids outdoor exercise.

Tips on Online Personalization and Ordering

Familiarize yourself with the process online, before ordering. Then ask the kids for input. This will allow you to create a budget and avoid unnecessary arguments over accessories they want, which you might not be in a position to order. 

You might be able to save money by planning and ordering in advance. Without paying for expedited shipping, the scooter can arrive in as little as 3 days, but might take up to 10.

Check your email. Radio Flyer sent emails every step of the way, stating that the order was placed, when it shipped. UPS tracking information for delivery was provided.

Will I Have to Assemble The Scooter? 

Yes. You will need to assemble the scooter when it arrives. It is a simple process that takes only 15 minutes. If you purchased additional accessories, make sure to have a small Phillips head screwdriver nearby. An included Allen wrench is required to tighten the wheels.

With supervision, f you can, you may want to include your kids in the assembly process. Some kids enjoy being involved in the process from ordering to assembly. Although the days prior to delivery were filled with a lot of questions in anticipation of the scooter's arrival.

For some extra fun or an added gift idea, pair the scooter up with a VTech Kidizoom Action Cam, which can be added to the handlebar of the scooter or their helmet so kids can take fun footage of their travels.

Scooter Safety Tips

There are many safety tips to keep in mind with scooters. Parents should always supervise children when using their scooter, as well as require the use of a bike helmet for safety.

Scooters are not bikes. They do not have air-filled tires, and scooters are only meant to be utilized on flat, even terrain. For additional safety, surfaces should be monitored for curbs and uneven transitions which could lead to injury. 

You do not need to like arts and crafts to accessorize your toys. While you may need to buy some toys online to get the full personalized experience, there are many options for kids to use their imagination and creativity, even with their even bikes and ride-on toys. 

Visit in order to customize your scooter. 

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