Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls Are Over 100 Years Old

100th Anniversary Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

As a child did you have a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll?

In 2015, Raggedy Ann and Andy turned 100-years-old!

Raggedy Ann and Andy are such a classic doll that many people often have fond memories of. Maybe it was the first doll they ever received, or a special gift from a family member or friend. Dolls and toys like this are to precious to donate. So many parents keep their child's first stuffed animal or toys as keepsakes, hidden away in a safe place.


Johnny Gruelle created Raggedy Ann and Andy. He stated, "Fairyland must be filled with rag dolls, and soft loppy rag dolls who go through all the beautiful adventures found there nestling in the crook of a dimpled arm."  Original Raggedy Ann dolls were handmade, and were part of stories in books and animated shows. Not many people realize it, but Raggedy Ann even served as the basis for a Broadway show.

In 2015, when Raggedy Ann celebrated her 100th Anniversary, she was still showing off her sassy red hair, blue shirt, white apron, red striped leggings and blue shoes. 

Aurora World has worked in conjunction with Hasbro to re-design Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls since 2012. The dolls range in sizes from 7-36 inches. They are rag dolls, and very different than most modern baby dolls. Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls have soft, squishy bodies with clothes made carefully of fabric. Many clothes also have embroidery.

The 100th Anniversary dolls, the "Stars and Stripes" special edition dolls have signature red yarn hair, stitched fabrics and detailed faces with button eyes. Aurora World made sure to maintain the traditional look and feel of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls of the past, with the newer dolls.

Michael Kessler, VP of Sales at Aurora stated, "The Stars and Stripes dolls celebrate the goodwill, kindness and compassion that the Raggedy Ann doll creator Johnny Gruelle envisioned for the people of our nation."

There are many different kinds of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls still available to buy new. These handmade dolls can be bought in different sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large. There are even Raggedy Ann and Andy Western dolls. Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls aren't just available on Amazon.com or at specialty toy retailers, it is possible to even find some at Target and other big toy stores, too.

Recently find your old Raggedy Ann or Andy doll and wonder if this collectible doll is worthy any money? Search the internet for auction websites, especially websites such as Ebay, Etsy and Amazon to gain a sense of what the doll might be reselling for. The best predictor of a toy's worth on Ebay is to look on those websites by recently sold items, which gives more specific information on what actual people are really paying for a collectible toy or doll. Lots of toys have sentimental value, but are not able to resell for what most would hope. Should you choose to sell toys online or in-person, please exercise caution.

That Raggedy Ann and Andy, Cabbage Patch Kids, or Strawberry Shortcake doll you had as a child are still available, decades later. There are so many choices of popular toys during the holidays, gifting one to another child is such a fun way to relive our own childhood memories, while creating new memories, too.