5 Ideas for a Rainy Day Party Theme

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Sure, bad weather has been known to ruin parties, but here's one rainy day party solution that may actually have you hoping for some rain. You won’t really need the weather to cooperate, however, since this rain party theme brings everything there is to love about rainy days right into your party space.

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    Rain, Rain come and play,
    And celebrate Jenny’s birthday,
    “Rain is fun!” is what we say,
    So please come and help us play!

    A rain-themed party invitation is simple to make by decorating folded cardstock with images, a sticker or a drawing of a rain-themed item (such as an umbrella, rain boots, or rain cloud). Add some cute text like the invitation poem found above. 

    Other suggestions for rain-themed invitations:

    • Cardstock cutouts in the shape of an umbrella or rain cloud.
    • A photo of the birthday child playing in the rain.
    • Umbrella or rain-themed coloring pages (ask guests to color them in and bring them to the party to receive a door prize).
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    One really cute idea for your party space is to create rain cloud decorations. To make these, cut the shapes of clouds out of grey or blue cardstock paper. Punch small holes across the bottom of the cloud and string matching ribbon through them. Let the ribbon dangle down a few inches, and tie silver-wrapped Hershey's kisses to the ends, to represent raindrops falling from the clouds. 

    Hang these rain cloud decorations from the ceiling. A neat idea is to hang them from a chandelier over the food table. Write the names of your party guests on the clouds and hand them out later as party favors.

    Other rain-themed decorating ideas include:

    • Cut paper placemats into the shape of clouds.
    • Place cocktail umbrellas in drinking cups.
    • Use rubber ducks and rainbows to complement your rainy-day theme.
    • Cut small clouds out of cardstock and write the names of your guests on them. Tape them to rainbow-colored straws and use them as place cards when you set the party table. Pour beverages from watering cans, so they “rain” into the cups when serving.
    • Use a pair of rain boots as your table's centerpiece (you can even fill these with flowers or small, cocktail umbrellas). 
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    Have a little fun with these ideas for a rainy day buffet:

    • Cloud shaped sandwiches, pancakes, or quesadillas: Adults can help shape each of these foods to make this rainy day delicious.
    • Apple umbrellas: Have the adults cut apple slices into umbrella shapes and designs.
    • Rainy day cupcakes: Top a frosted cupcake with a toothpick umbrella. Stand a graham cracker teddy bear under the paper umbrella.
    • Rainbow cookies: After the rain comes the rainbow! You can get rainbow cookie cutters and decorate the cookies with icing.
    • Rainbow fruit platter: Arrange the fruit platter to make your own healthy, yummy rainbow.
    • Mud puddles: Fill a mini pie shell with chocolate pudding and top with gummy worms
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    Rainy Day Games and Crafts

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    Kids at your party can have lots of fun playing "umbrella ball." To play, a bubble-style umbrella is hung upside down, and kids toss balloons into it. Place several of these around the party space (use over-the-door hangers or hang them from curtain rods) and fill with balloons to serve as party decorations, as well.

    Additional ideas for rain-themed activities:

    • Rain gear relay races: Divide players into two teams. Send the first player in line for each time to retrieve a raincoat, boots, and hat. When they return, each player must put on all of the gear, then take it off and pass it to the next player in line. The first team whose players all complete the task of putting on and taking off the rain gear wins.
    • Rain cloud craft: These easy decorations can also be made by guests as a party craft. Cut the shapes of clouds out of cardstock paper. Have kids color and decorate the clouds with a silver lining by outlining the shapes with glitter pens. Use ribbon to hang raindrop (kiss-shaped candies) from the clouds.
    • Decorate umbrellas: You can purchase affordable small umbrellas that your guests can decorate with paint or paint pens. Of course, make this choice based on whether it's appropriate (read: too messy) for the kids doing the decorating.
    • Watch a rain or weather-themed movie: If Singing in the Rain (1952) isn't right for the age group at your party, there's always Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009).
    • Dance in the rain: If the weather is dry, dress your kiddos in rain gear and head outside to have water balloon fights under a “raining” sprinkler. If you're lucky enough to have actual rain, puddle stomping is always fun (ask kids to bring their own rain boots).
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    Treats: Umbrella lollipops are a simple party favor for kids. Simply open a cocktail umbrella and tie the lollipop stick to the umbrella stick, so it looks like the lollipop is standing under an umbrella.

    Cocktail umbrellas: You don't have to have the cocktail to go with the umbrella! Serve something kid-friendly with a little umbrella accompanying it. Of course, please supervise children when it comes to small or potentially sharp objects like these.

    Rain ponchos or jackets: Decorate some transparent rain ponchos or affordable rain jackets with some paint and rubber stamps or anything else that would make a cute jacket even cuter.