Rainy Day Activities and Crafts

Help Beat Boredom with These Craft Projects

Next time you are stuck in the house with nothing to do, check out this list of projects that are perfect for a rainy day. Not only will you find fun crafts to help pass the time until you can get outside and play, but many can be played with after the crafting is done. 

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    Beaded Safety Pins
    Beaded Safety Pins.

    Spend your day making beaded jewelry you can give away as gifts or keep for yourself. Choose from dozens of different patterns.

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    Book Worm Bookmark

    I love spending time reading on rainy days... To go along with a good book, why not make this cute bookmarker?

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    CD Creatures
    CD Creatures.

    Provide your kids with a variety of craft supplies along with some unwanted CDs and challenge them to make their own unique animals and other creatures.

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    Craft Foam Stamp
    Craft Foam Stamp.

    Learn how to make your own rubber stamps and then use them to make pictures, cards, wrapping paper, and much more.

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    Design Your Own Paper Dolls
    Design Your Own Paper Dolls.

    This is a fun activity for a rainy day or anytime. Have every family member design their own custom paper doll or just create several yourself.

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    Fabric Covered Notebook
    Fabric Covered Notebook.

    Follow these suggestions and design your own journal cover and then fill your journal with your thoughts and drawings.

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    Homemade Finger Paint
    Homemade Finger Paint.

    Use this recipe to mix up a batch of finger paint and then create your own masterpieces.

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    How to Tie-Dye
    How to Tie-Dye.

    Help pass the time by learning how to make your own tie-dyed t-shirts, towels, and so much more.

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    Story Sack Rainy Day Craft
    Make a Story Sack.

    Learn how you can make a story sack that will keep your child entertained not only on a rainy afternoon but for several days.

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    Printmaking with Cardboard
    Printmaking with Cardboard.

    Follow along with this tutorial and learn how to make your own printing plates using cardboard and yarn.

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    Simple Paper Bag Puppet
    Simple Paper Bag Puppet.

    Use a variety of basic craft supplies and paper lunch bags to create different sock puppets and then put on a puppet show.