How to Raise Happy Kids Who Become Happy Adults

A picture of happy kids
You can never have too much happiness in your home. Raise happy kids who become happy adults too. Photo © KidStock / Getty Images

As parents we tend to focus on making sure we're not spoiling our kids that we're raising thankful children and doing our best to instill compassion in them. Of course, we want them to be happy too and we can work now to make sure we raise happy kids who become happy adults.

Be a Happy Role Model

Get your happy on and be a happy role model for your kids. Sure, raising children can be frustrating at times and you may not always feel like wearing a smile.

But if you're happy, your kids will know what happiness is supposed to look like. And you're they're best teacher.

Help Them Make Friends

As a mom, you know your mom friends give you an incredible happiness boost. Your kids' friends can do the same for them.

Help your kids make friends and keep them. These friends can be great sources of fun, laughter and happiness for your children and some of those friendships can carry over into adulthood.

Show Them How to Be Independent

Some people naturally enjoy being around people. Others don't.

Regardless, we all know you shouldn't count on someone else for your own happiness. Raise your children to be independent so they don't have to rely on others for their happiness. Being able to be happy whether they're in a room full of people or sitting at home alone is a life skill they can use in high school, college and even in their own marriage when they're raising a house full of kids.

Help Them Express Their Feelings

Daily challenges sometimes leave you with a frown on your face. So you can't expect your children to wear a smile 24/7 either.

When they're not feeling the happy, they can't turn it off instantly any more than you can. Help them express their feelings, whether they're happy or sad.

The more open they feel they can be with their feelings, the quicker they can get whatever is bothering them off of their chest so that they can be the happy child you're used to seeing.

Have Family Meals Together

Research has continued to prove how important family meals are to children. Despite having a busy family schedule, be sure you bank some time each week to have family meals together.

Kids love the togetherness. Plus, you set them up for a lifetime of happy memories sitting around the table with their favorite people.

Show Them the Bright Side

Try to find the bright side of every situation. Show that bright side to your child.

Raising happy kids is easier when they can see the positive in a negative situation. It can be as simple as helping her see she may have fallen off her bike but she rode it 10 feet all by herself or more serious such as helping your child during a difficult situation at school with a teacher, student or school subject.


There's nothing like the sound of a happy child. The laughter filling the air is the sweetest music to any parent's ears.

Bring out the happy in your child with some serious play time. Try to dedicate some gadget-free time in your home every day where you and your children simply play together.

Use your imagination or create your own life-sized board game everyone can play in the living room. Just play. Establish a Happy Zone Where are your kids the happiest? Probably at home. Establish a happy zone your kids can always count on. Yes, spouses argue and siblings get into spats but making your home a happy zone gives them a place they feel safe while also instilling the happiness everyone -- man, woman and child -- deserves.