16 Ranch-Style Homes

Exterior of ranch-style home with minimal rock garden and landscaping

The Spruce / Sarah Crowley

The ranch home is a style of architecture that originated in America in the early 20th century. Once the most popular style of home in the country, these houses offer single-story living (usually), a rectangular or L-shaped floorplan, a low-pitch roof, and often have attached garages and open concept living spaces. Ranch-style homes also often have deep overhanging eves and are typically made from stucco, wood, brick, or stone. Here are even more of our favorite ranch homes.

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    Palm Beach Perfection

    white ranch-style home

    grahammoss_interiorstyle / Instagram

    This stunning white stucco ranch from grahammoss_interiorstyle is giving us major mid-century modern vibes. The oversized windows provide a lot of natural light, while the overhanging eaves protect the interior from the bright Palm Beach sun.

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    Traditional and Adorable

    Traditional craftsman ranch home

    tara.micheledesigns / Instagram

    This cozy Arts and Crafts property from tara.micheledesigns is everything we love about ranch homes. It features a welcoming front porch and a pitched roof that provides loads of architectural interest. The double columns and stonework give it a more classic vibe, which is accentuated with the neutral exterior paint choice.

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    A Brick Ranch

    ranch style home with a pink road

    planet_wisco / Instagram

    Brick is a common exterior material used in ranch homes. This lovely little ranch from planet_wisco not only features brick siding, but also has a fun pink pathway leading up to the house. As seen in many brick homes, this house has a cozy porch that's just big enough for a small seating area, but still provides shelter by the front door.

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    A 1950s Gem

    white ranch style home

    carlv12 / Instagram

    Many ranch homes were built in the mid-20th century, like this stunning white brick home from carlv12. We love the mid-century charm of the exterior detailing and the bright, cheery blue front door. Though ranch homes are often low to the ground, they can still have a lot of architectural details that give them a lot of curb appeal.

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    Cozy Ranch

    brick ranch style home

    preferred_properties / Instagram

    This quaint little ranch-style home from preferred_properties has a cozy vibe that feels almost like a little cottage in the woods. The brick exterior feels modern next to the blue front door and bright window trim, and while it doesn't have a true front porch, the winding pathway makes room for a couple of wooden benches.

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    A Ranch Retreat

    ranch style home with a pool out back

    deasypenner / Instagram

    Sure, there are pros and cons to a home with oversized windows, but we think the massive windows of this house from deasypenner are beyond dreamy. Not only does a ranch home often provide a wide open-style floor plan, but large, oversized windows make the whole space feel even more airy and large. 

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    Mid-Century Ranch

    Mid-century style ranch home

    midmodmidwest / Instagram

    This angular ranch home from midmodmidwest is a quintessential mid-century modern property with an L-shaped floorplan, a lot of large windows and an open concept. We love how it gives off a super a retro feel with deep brown exterior paint and the original brick.

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    A Wide Open Porch

    back porch on a mid century home

    modern.archive.shop / Instagram

    Just imagine sitting on this oversized porch from modern.archive.shop with a large cup of coffee and a good book. We love the geometric feel of the entire space, and the platform porch definitely plays well with the rest of the house.

    While you may think a ranch means less square footage inside, these homes are often sprawling and require a good deal of land to accommodate.

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    Black Mid-Century Modern

    All black midcentury ranch home

    midcenturydefined / Instagram

    Whether it's the moody exterior paint or the visually interesting architecture, there's just something about this home from midcenturydefined that you can't take your eyes off. The black paint on this home gives the house a modern feel, while the angular architecture lends it the retro vibe we love.

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    An Open Floor Plan

    open floor plan in a house

    @briggsfreeman / Instagram

    One of the best elements of a ranch home is the open-concept floor plan it typically provides. This stunning interior from briggsfreeman is wide open and airy, and really gives a new meaning to the idea of an open floor plan. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling windows create a space that feels very transitional and brings the outdoors in.

    Such a wide-open space works particularly well with natural woodwork. Because it's bright and airy, the natural wood doesn't feel overly dark, and instead complements the indoor-outdoor feel.

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    Southwestern Charm

    southwestern style ranch home

    deasypenner / Instagram

    This Southwestern-style home from deasypenner features white stucco and clay roofing that feels very Spanish-inspired. Though it looks cozy from the outside, the interior features a sprawling open floor plan that reminds us exactly why ranch-style homes are so great.

    The single-story ranch home also helps battle heat, which is why many homes in the southwest are one story—which not only looks great, but also saves on those AC bills.

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    A Sprawling Ranch

    Ranch style home

    @wattsandassociates / Instagram

    This Californa ranch home from wattsandassociates is incredibly welcoming and homey. The L-shape floor plan allows for separation between living space and bedrooms.

    While many ranch homes have an open floor plan, they also usually have the bedrooms on the opposite end of the house than the kitchen and living space. 

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    A Blue Storybook Ranch

    Blue ranch home

    deb.codiroli / Instagram

    This lovely bright blue ranch from deb.codiroli is considered a storybook ranch. Also known as a Cinderella ranch, these homes feature details that seem to have been lifted directly out of a fairy tale. The adorable scalloped detailing on the eaves and the ornamental trim give it a cottage feel that's quaint and unique.

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    A Split Level

    split level ranch home

    midmodmidwest / Instagram

    While you may think of ranches as only having a single story, there are a few alternatives. This split level house from midmodmidwest is an example of a ranch that offers up to three levels of living.

    When you enter a split level, you'll go directly into the living space with the option to go up a half level or down a half level.

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    Raised Ranch

    Raised ranch interior

    @artisansgroup / Instagram

    In a raised ranch like this one from artisansgroup, you'll have the choice of walking upstairs or downstairs when you first enter the home. This ranch is incredibly open and features a vaulted ceiling that opens up the space and makes it feel even larger.

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    Single-Story Living

    ranch home with tan siding

    @curciogrouprealestate / Instagram

    There are many advantages of living in a single-story home like this one from curciogrouprealestate, but we think easy access to the kitchen for a late-night snack is one of the best. This traditional ranch home is just symmetrical enough to offer a lot of curb appeal, while the varying exterior materials give it texture and interest.