30 Range Hood Ideas That Make a Statement

stainless steel range hood

Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

If you need some inspiration as you select a range hood for your kitchen, you won't want to miss out on the 30 range hood ideas below. They're chock full of excellent ideas that will fit a variety of styles from maximalism to neutrals, and everything in between. No matter what style you select for your space, it's sure to be a winner.

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    Mix Black and Gold

    black and gold range hood

    Design by Christine Vroom / Photo by Sara Tramp

    Black and gold is the name of the game in this kitchen. These island chairs complement the range hood perfectly, resulting in a cohesive design.

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    Go Stainless Steel

    stainless steel range hood

    Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

    A stainless steel range hood perfectly corresponds with the refrigerator across the way in this kitchen. This look is classic and shines among a number of decor styles.

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    Embrace a White on White Look

    white range hood

    Design by BANDD/DESIGN / Photo by Molly Culver

    Love an all-white kitchen? This is the setup for you. A simple white range hood looks right at home in this soothing space and allows all attention to go to the stunning cutout ceiling.

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    Pick Some Playful Colors

    blue and gold range hood

    Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

    How fun is this blue and gold combo? If you're craving a bit of pep in the kitchen, look no further. Funky gold pendant lights add even more charisma to this cooking space while playing off the range hood.

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    Try a Fun Trim

    white range hood with detailing

    Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

    If your kitchen is already bright and colorful, you may wish to keep your range hood more subdued in nature. That doesn't mean you can't have a bit of fun, though—here, some gorgeous detailing makes this hood stand out without being too loud.

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    Go Big With Tile

    tiled range hood

    Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

    If you have a backsplash tile you love, consider using it on the hood, too. This results in an incredibly streamlined look.

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    Say Hello to Subway Tile

    tiled range hood

    Design by Creative Tonic / Photo by Julie Soefer

    Subway tile is another great choice for the range hood and is always a classic in the kitchen. The soft gray used here is a nice alternative to plain white.

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    Opt for Natural Wood

    wood range hood

    Design by Lucas Eilers / Photo by Stephen Karlisch 

    For a bit of a rustic touch, consider going with a wooden range hood and matching wood cabinets. This look adds both warmth and texture to the kitchen.

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    Think Baby Blue

    blue range hood

    Design by Lucas Eilers / Photo by Julie Soefer

    Soft blue is a popular color in the kitchen; this is just one of many light blue range hoods we've come across. To finish off your space, opt for blue window treatments and barstools.

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    Celebrate Sage Green

    sage green range hood

    Design by Lucas Eilers / Photo by Julie Soefer

    Sage green is a nice, calming kitchen color that is having a major moment. It's a perfect hue for those who love transitional style or English country interiors.

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    Make It Sleek and Modern

    sleek white range hood

    Design by Mary Lambrakos / Photo by Divya Pande

    If you love all things sleek and modern then this is the range hood for you. A crisp, white kitchen like this one is very contemporary and minimalist.

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    Think Retro Pink

    pink retro range hood

    Design by TKS / Photo by Loma Studios

    Feeling retro? Try adding a vintage-inspired pink oven into your space for some instant cheer. Consider opting for a matching fridge, toaster, and coffee maker to bring your retro kitchen to the next level.

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    Try a Reeded Design

    reeded range hood

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Reeded pieces are a common decor trend so why not introduce a reeded look to your kitchen? This range hood blends seamlessly into this kitchen, complementing the surrounding gold hardware.

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    Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

    steel range hood and wood cabinets

    Louis Duncan-He

    For a space that's equal parts rustic and contemporary, consider a setup like this one, with a stainless steel range hood and wood cabinets that celebrate the best of both worlds.

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    Throw It Back to the Olden Days

    stone oven range

    Design by Jessica Nelson / Photo by Carina Skrobecki

    A wooden range hood fits right in with the stone design in this kitchen. It emulates the cooking spaces of centuries past while looking nice and chic for today, too.

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    Add a Smidge of Tile

    subway tiled range hood

    Design by Abbie Naber / Photo by Charlotte Lea

    Even if you don't want a range hood that's solely made of tile, you can draw some inspiration from your backsplash and install a tile border for a bit of extra cohesion. The color and style of tile you select is entirely up to you, but this kitchen uses the same tile for a seamless look.

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    Pair Black and Brown

    wood hood complementing island

    Design by Tineke Triggs / Photo by Christopher Stark

    While a black range hood would've been the obvious choice in this kitchen, there's nothing wrong with thinking out of the box a bit. This wooden hood pays a nod to the nearby island, which is built from a similar material.

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    Get Luxe With Marble

    marble range hood

    Design by Fowlkes Studio / Photo by Jennifer Hughes

    Marble finishes always make rooms look extra luxe. The marble finish on this range hood makes it look extra sophisticated while still being nice and minimal.

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    Bust Out the Shiplap

    shiplap range hood

    Design by Erika Jayne Chaudhuri / Photo by Jenn Verrier

    A shiplap range hood is excellent for a modern farmhouse-style kitchen. Pair it with black and white cabinets, as shown here, to cement the look.

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    Enjoy a Pop of Light Wood

    wooden range hood

    Design by Duffy Scott / Photo by Angelica Yim

    Black marble sets the mood in this spacious kitchen. Made of light wood, the range hood pops and serves as a focal point within the dark space.

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    Play Off a Bold Backsplash

    silver hood against colorful backsplash

    Design by Betsy Wentz / Photo by Brantley Photography

    If your backsplash is ultra bright and colorful, you may prefer to offset it with a simpler range hood. This barely there stainless steel pick fits the bill.

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    Go All in With a Two-Toned Design

    blue range hood and oven

    Design by Melanie Gowen / Photo by Michael Lucas

    Even if you don't wish to commit to painting your entire kitchen in a soft blue, you can choose to add some color to your oven area for a two-toned look. This powder blue oven and range hood combo is nice and elegant.

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    Hang Some Art

    range hood with painting

    Design by The Design Atelier / Photo by Emily Followill

    If your range hood is large enough, go ahead and hang some art on it! This technique is innovative, and the artwork adds a lot of personality to this otherwise neutral kitchen.

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    Try This Take on Marble

    marble hood with blue cabinets

    Think Chic Interiors

    Here is another example of a fabulous marble range hood, which is accompanied by a matching island and sink basin.

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    Say Yes to Steel and Brass

    steel and brass-trimmed custom island hood

    Design by Peter Dunham; Photo by Sam Frost

    A steel and brass-trimmed custom island hood steals the show in this kitchen, given that it's positioned over the island. While it has some industrial flair, the style can work alongside many different decor schemes.

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    Choose a Chic Copper

    copper range hood

    Design by Aidan / Photo by Robert Radifera

    This copper range hood adds a pop of panache to an otherwise colorful kitchen. It's proof that copper and bright green make for a stunning pairing.

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    Bring on the Wavy Granite

    black marble hood

    Design by Rill Architects / Photo by Allen Russ

    Wavy granite adds lots of life to this kitchen and continues up and onto the range hood.

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    Get Into the Groove

    ridged soft blue range hood

    Design by Alexandra Kaehler; Photo by Aimée Mazzenga

    Powder blue makes an appearance again in this kitchen. The grooved details on this range hood allow it to stand out from other, plainer styles and fit right in with the cabinet molding present in the space.

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    Make It Delicate and Sweet

    powder blue range hood

    Caitlin Wilson

    This kitchen features yet another powder blue range hood, this time with gold detailing that matches the faucets and stove.

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    Install a Shelf

    arched range hood

    Gray Walker Interiors

    If your range hood is shaped like this one, consider hanging up a small shelf and displaying art above the oven—just be mindful not to showcase anything too precious, as splatters and steam are plentiful in the kitchen.