The Raspberry and Blackberry Cocktail Collection

Enjoy the Sweet Berry Taste in Your Next Drink

Raspberry Caipirinha
Raspberry Caipirinha. Rob Lawson / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Berries are a favorite cocktail ingredient and there are many varieties and options available to add their sweet taste to our drinks. Fresh raspberries, both red and black, are common, as are distilled spirits made from or infused with them. Blackberries are less common, though you will find recipes below that use this less sweet berry, again both in liquid and fresh forms.

Fresh Raspberry, Raspberry Juice and Syrup Cocktails

Red and black raspberries are used in these cocktails.

The fresh fruits can be used interchangeably depending on the color you are going for, though red will be used most often.

On occasion, you may find that these recipes call for raspberry juice, which is most easily attainable by muddling a few berries before making the rest of the drink. Commercial raspberry juice can also be found, though it is certainly not one of the most common bottled juices. The berries can also be processed in a blender to create purees.

A number of the classic cocktails listed here call for the use of a raspberry syrup. These are readily available, with brands such as Monin, Torani, and Flavorganics producing some of my favorites. You can also make your own using this raspberry-lavender syrup for inspiration. A raspberry liqueur can also be a substitute for the syrup.

On another note, raspberries of all colors are fun to use as a garnish. Drop them into the drink or skewer the fruits, laying the pick across the top of the glass.

When in season, you can also find golden raspberries and these are excellent for adding an extra splash of color when alternated with the red and black.

The raspberry ingredient is indicated for each recipe. Those with no notation use the fresh fruit.

Raspberry Liquor Cocktails

Raspberry is a popular flavor in distilled spirits, with Chambord being the one of the best known. Beyond that black raspberry liqueur, you will find that these recipes may also use crème de framboise or a raspberry infused vodka (including UV Blue) or rum, which can easily be made at home.

Blackberry Cocktails

Not to be confused with black raspberry, the blackberry is considered to be more tart while the raspberry is sweeter. Blackberries are not commonly used in cocktails but do justify to be listed in some form.

Most of these recipes use a blackberry-flavored product such as crème de mûre (or other blackberry liqueur), a blackberry brandy, or an infused rum and those are noted in the list. The recipes that have no annotation call for fresh blackberries.