15 Readers Share the One Thing They've Learned About Making Their Best Home

folding a fitted sheet the right way

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Here at The Spruce, our mission is to help readers figure out any and every home project, issue, and DIY method. That's why we're so excited about our new "One Thing" series. Every week, we'll share the one thing you need to know to make your best home. From showing off our best crafting tips to busting popular myths, we want to help you make the best of life at home, one thing at a time.

While we love sharing tips and tricks with our readers, we also realize that our audience is a great source of new ideas, and we wanted to hear from them. Below, 15 fans share the one thing that helps them make the most of their space.

  1. Never Put Your Fitted Sheet on Your Bed Wrong Again
    "My friend showed me this trick and it blew my mind. There's a tag on your fitted sheet, and the corner with that tag should always go on the bottom-right corner of your bed. This is such an easy way to position your fitted sheet quickly and correctly, you're probably getting mad right now that you didn't know this sooner." — Ruby, Bozeman, MT
  2. Unleash White Vinegar on the Cloudiest of Glasses
    "Cloudy wine glasses aren't cute, and for the longest time I struggled to get mine crystal clean. One day, I heard from a friend that soaking glasses in white vinegar for five minutes before washing them might help. Today, I count myself a believer! The vinegar glass bath worked so well that I now stock white vinegar by the gallon." — Tonja, Peoria, IL
  3. Minimize Hammering Woes With a Magnet
    "This one might sound weird, but I highly suggest gluing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so that you don't have to hold nails in your hand. I couldn't keep everything in my hands when I was hanging a picture, and I was dropping nails everywhere. Now, it's no hassle." — Sadie, Tacoma, WA
  4. Enlist the Help of a Rubber Glove to Help Combat Pet Hair
    "I used to use the hose attachment on my vacuum to get pet hair off my furniture, and I would end up having to stop halfway through to empty the container. Now I use a rubber glove (the kind that's used for heavy-duty scrubbing) to brush the pet hair off my couch and chairs. It's the easiest solution. I just wipe the rubber glove in the same direction all the way across my furniture until I have a ball of pet hair at the end that I can easily pick up and throw away." — Sherri, Rowley, MA
  5. Grab a Coffee Filter and Go to Town on Your Mirrors
    "There's nothing worse than when you have people coming over and you realize that your mirrors are filthy and you're all out of glass cleaner. I read online that coffee filters worked just as well as any official glass cleaner on mirrors, so I gave it a try. To my surprise, it actually worked!" — Karen, Santa Monica, CA
  6. Give Your Space a Scent Refresh With Essential Oils and Your Vacuum
    "My friend showed me the best vacuum hack—all you do is add a few drops of essential oil to some cotton balls and then place them in your vacuum cleaner. As you vacuum, the essential oil scent will be left behind. Trust me when I say that this is the easiest way to make your space smell amazing quickly without using harmful chemicals that are in some air fresheners. The only thing to note with this tip is that if you have pets, you should check with your vet that the essential oil you want to use is safe for animals." — Jules, Chesapeake, VA
  7. No Wine Opener? Grab Your Tool Box!
    "I've seen a lot of wine opening hacks but a lot of them just don't work. The one that does is the screwdriver and hammer method. Use the screwdriver to drive a screw into the wine bottle cork, careful to leave about an inch of screw sticking out. Then, use the end of your hammer to pull the screw out and the cork will pop out with it! It's actually a really fun party trick." Carly, Montoursville, Pennsylvania
  8. Say Goodbye to Stink Bugs With Fabric Softener Sheets
    "Last summer, we had a really bad stink bug problem, and my coworker told me to rub our window screens with fabric softener sheets as well as tuck some under the bottoms of our screens. They stopped coming back almost instantly, and we haven't seen one in our house since!" — Halle, Cooperstown, NY
  9. Use Fishing Line to Banish Ants From Your Hummingbird Feeder
    "My wife and I love watching hummingbirds, so we got a feeder right outside our kitchen window. But we noticed that ants kept climbing up the string we hung the feeder from, and they were deterring the hummingbirds. We hung the feeder from fishing line, and the ants can't climb on it. Problem solved." — Jasper, Gillette, Wyoming
  10. Use Whitening Toothpaste to Brighten Up Your Grout
    "I can't stand dirty-looking grout, so whenever my bathroom is starting to look gnarly, I'll brush the grout with whitening toothpaste and a denture brush. After a good brushing session, my grout looks brand new." — Pearl, Nova Scotia
  11. Put Aluminum Foil to Work in the Sink
    "If you desperately need a new sponge but you're all out of fresh ones, aluminum foil can help. When you crumple foil, it's just as strong as a scrub brush. It works hard against grime the same way the rough side of a sponge does and it will hold you over until you get the chance to run to the store." — Chelsea, Humble, TX
  12. Hack a Power Drill to Become the Hercules of Grout Cleaning
    "I'm a certified clean freak, but the tiling in my bathroom is on the older, dirtier side and I can't afford to renovate right now. Instead, I've researched cleaning hacks like crazy and tried every single trick the Internet has to offer. From my experience, the best way to clean the stubborn grout off of tile is to attach a brush to a power drill. It's such a satisfying process to attack grout with a power tool and it works like magic." — Stella, Kansas City, KS
  13. Sub in a Power Plug for a Common Tool
    "Many people don't know that a standard power plug can substitute for a flathead screwdriver. When you really need a flathead and you don't have one, this tip will save you. It helped me put together my dresser when I was in a bind. Just make sure not to let the power plug bend—you still want to use it after the project!" — Andy, Philadelphia, PA
  14. Clean Your Blender Using...Itself
    "I can't tell you how many times I've made the mistake of nicking my fingers when I'm scrubbing the inside of my blender. Also, it never seems fully clean, even after going at it with dish soap for several minutes. Recently, I discovered that you can clean your blender by adding hot water and vinegar to it, and then blending on the highest setting for a few minutes. Just rinse and dry afterwards. It's that easy." — Tia, New York, NY
  15. DIY a Solution for Your Unsightly Cables
    "We have a big entertainment center, which means we have a million cables poking out on the side where they're all plugged in. Even a surge protector outlet wasn't helping, so we decided to DIY a cute cover for the mess by cutting out a custom sized cardboard box and affixing some beautiful wrapping paper to it. We cut a big hole in the back for all the cables and the surge protector to hide. This is an awesome, inexpensive solution to a common household nuisance.." — Sarah, Coatesville, PA

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