7 Moving Secrets Real Estate Pros Want You to Know

A moving van packed with labelled boxes in a driveway.

Maskot / Getty Images

Moving can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. From preparation and packing to the day of the move, there’s a lot to do and keep track of. However, there are a few things you can do to help make moving a bit easier on yourself and everyone involved. Here are seven moving secrets real estate pros want you to know ahead of your next move.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Don’t bring your junk with you! “While you’re packing, have boxes, baskets, or bags ready for items that can be thrown out or donated,” says Bridget Blonde, real estate agent at Nest Realty. This is one of the first things you should do when preparing for a move. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself when you’re unpacking in your new home later!

Label Your Boxes Well

Clearly labeling your boxes as you pack is one of the best ways to stay organized during a move.

“Boxes should be properly labelled with the place they belong as well as a brief description of what’s within,” says licensed realtor and founder of Luxury So Cal Realty, Joy Aumann. “It will be simpler to unpack and arrange things in your new house as a result."

This will also make it easy for professional movers or friends and family to jump in and help on moving day while ensuring all the boxes end up in the proper rooms in your new place.

Schedule Your Moving Day Strategically

Did you know that you may pay premiums on things like moving trucks or professional movers depending on the day that you schedule your move? That’s because certain days of the week and times of the month are so popular for moving that the increase in demand drives up average costs for moving services.

“One of the best moving secrets is to schedule your move on a weekday morning or afternoon to save money,” says Ron Wyzocarski, real estate broker and CEO of Wyse Home Team Realty. “The most expensive times to move are on weekends and at the beginning or end of the month…planning around these times can save you up to 25% on moving costs!”

Set Up Utilities Ahead of Time

One of the easiest things you can do to make moving day (and the following few days) a breeze is to ensure that your utilities are set up ahead of time. Nothing is worse than forgetting to set up the internet and spending a few days in your new home without internet access.

“Simple actions like turning on the utilities in advance will ensure that your new house has light, water, internet access, and electricity,” says Eli Pasternak, licensed realtor and founder of Liberty House Buying Group.  

Start Packing Early

Save yourself a stressful all-nighter on the eve of moving day and start packing as early as possible. Items that you don’t use on a regular basis can get packed away weeks in advance. Not only will this save you valuable time in the week leading up to the move, but it’ll break up the monotonous task of packing and give you a much-needed mental break.

Weigh Your Moving Options

There are lots of options when it comes to moving day. You can hire professional movers, rent a moving truck and do it yourself, use family and friends' vehicles to make the move, or even pack up a small shipping container and do it all in one trip. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the scope of the move, the distance traveled, and the size of the relocation, says Pasternak.

Change Your Mailing Address Ahead of Time

Prevent important mail from getting sent to your old address after your move by notifying the post office of your address change before you move, says Pasternak. This can easily be done online or in person as long as you know your moving date.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to change your mailing address directly with important organizations and creditors as well.

“To prevent the possibility that crucial bills and documents may go missing in the mail, let your credit card company, insurance providers, and other significant organizations know about your new address,” says Pasternak.