Real Girl Playtime

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    Real Girls with Real Goals

    Courtesy of Getty Images/Hero Images

     Girls definitely have real goals and aspirations. Your daughters grow up wanting to become something that will provide them with satisfaction, happiness and challenges. When you talk to your girls, you discover where their interests might lie. There are doll lines available to help spur your children's potential and to elevate their self-confidence. Much like YA novels, the doll heroines seem to have lives that go way beyond real tweens and teens. These dolls function as your kids' dream surrogates. They act out with their dolls what they desire to have, to become and to achieve.

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    Singing Sensations

    Courtesy of JAKKS Pacific

    Make It Pop is a live-action musical comedy that is set in high school. It is intended for an audience aged 6 to 11. It's the same target audience as the highly successful Disney Descendants franchise. JAKKS Pacific has created a line of dolls modeled after the Make It Pop's three major players: Corki, Sun Hi, Jodi (from left to right). Their everyday outfits, called "Jodi's Street Couture," are colorful and bright. As you can see here, the clothing choice is fanciful (like you would expect for a trio of divas), but still appropriate for young doll fanciers. The dolls, dressed in their ordinary attire, are priced at under $15 each.

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    Performance Driven

    Courtesy of JAKKS Pacific

     Girls who love to perform will definitely gravitate to this line of fashion dolls. The trio is garbed in its "Spotlight Ready"costumes. The multiethnic girls' band is called XO-IQ and they have a hit single, "Light It Up." These three doll versions of the pop stars come with two accessories each, which complement their really sparkly outfits. These snazzy and sassy dolls are slated for children aged 6 and over. Each of these performing dolls is priced at $16.99. The dolls represent team work while maintaining one's individuality! They give encouragement to young girls to reach out and grab ahold of their dreams.

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    Something for Everyone

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Mattel has translated the always in-demand line of American Girls into highly collectible and build-worthy Mega Bloks versions. Created for children aged 8 and above, the Mega Bloks American Girls are attractively priced at under $4 each. With an initial debut line of 8 girls, children have a variety of skin tones, hair color, eye color and fashion sense to choose from. Each figure can be posed and is customizable. The Mattel team hopes that young girls will be inspired to create ensembles with other mini figures who hail from this line. With some creativity and ingenuity, your daughter and her friends can customize the figures to look just like themselves! There are also Mega Bloks available for building really impressive homes.

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    Writing Codes and Blazing Trails

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Barbie has held lots of careers over the decades, and young girls have had the opportunity to choose from many different glamorous and altruistic occupations. Barbie has been a lifeguard, an astronaut, a country-music star, a spy and a pediatrician. One of her newest career paths is Video Game Developer. In this new guise, Barbie appeals to all the young girls who are growing up playing Minecraft or Disney Infinity. Not so long ago, video games were considered the realm for boys. That segregation didn't last very long. Girls are embracing their console controls and showing that they do have a way with spatial relationships. This Game Developer Barbie is a way to show your approval and validation for your daughter's video skills.

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    Not Business As Usual

    Courtesy of Middle School Moguls

     Middle School Moguls is a line of multicultural dolls that puts an emphasis on brains, with a nod toward beauty, too. The line was created by two sisters who are also successful businesswomen and moms. Each Middle School Mogul doll stands 11 inches tall and is accompanied by a book and an accessory that reflects her particular set of professional skills. Ideal for girls aged 6 to 11, this form of "edutainment," combining education and entertainment, opens up a world of possibilities for young girls who are interested in math, science, problem solving and a potential career in business. The books will teach important vocabulary, technology terms and give guidance and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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    School Picture Perfect

    Courtesy of Aurora

     Aurora's Sweet Lollies are an award-winning brand that offer three different fashion themes. You and your daughter (they are that cute that you might covet one) can select from a Classic, Victorian and Punk motif. The dolls have meticulously crafted costumes and their faces resemble real little girls blended with anime features. They are great choices for young girls who like fashion and acting out big, sweeping scenarios with a group of pretend friends. The Sweet Lollies are soft dolls, which make them safe for young hands, and are described as "trend savvy." They really are! Their different attire allows cutting-edge girls and classic-costuming girls to find equal ground.

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    Realistic and Stylish

    Courtesy of North American Bear/Amy Coe Inc., All Rights Reserved

     North American Bear is best known for its teddy bears and plush pals. The company also creates very lovely, child-friendly dolls. Their newest partnership with children's fashion designer and style maven Amy Coe is bursting with real-life fashion and real-world, kid-appropriate appearances. These soft dolls are Coe's interpretation of the classic rag doll. Their outfits key into the designer's 2016 line of children's clothing. The Amy Coe dolls are said to be perfect for babies, toddlers and the "coolest kids" ever!

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    Realizing the American Dream

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Little American boys were always encouraged to dream big. Their ultimate goal would be the presidency. Mattel has given shape to that same dream for little girls, and, mind you, for little girls of all ethnic backgrounds. Their 2016 Election Year pairing has Barbie running for both the top slot and her second banana. (Note that the vice president is even dressed in yellow!) All different skin tones, hair color and length, and eye color are available for the presidential and veep ticket.