4 Reasons Plant Pros Are Beyond Ready for Growing Season

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

Alice Vincent's living room and garden, both full of plants

Alice Vincent

Growing season is here! It's the best time of year for a seasoned plant parent—I have more than 70 plants. After months and months of staring at our large collections of plants and willing them to do...well, something, it’s finally happening. And I personally couldn't be more excited. It has felt like a really long winter, and I’m so ready for the sun to be shining. And with those glorious rays of sunshine, the days get longer, it warms up and my plants are happy. 

I spoke with some other plant pros to find out what they were most excited about this growing season.

1. You Get a Rewarding Feeling When Plants Are Thriving

First, my reason: Taking care of plants is a huge mental boost for me. Over the winter I had a lot of casualties when it came to my plants. I had to send several to the graveyard or completely cut them back in hopes that they’d do better. I LOVE the growing season because every day I get to see the progress with some of my plants (my slow-growing Fiddle Leaf Fig has only ever grown two leaves in the eight months I’ve had it).

My pothos start growing five or six new leaves a week; my Monstera puts out big, beautiful fenestrated leaves; my Alocasia wakes up from it’s deep winter slumber and all is right again in the world.

2. Propagation Is Just Easier

Joyce from @lettucewithaperm takes some of the most fun videos and beautiful photos of her plant collection. "I'm excited to see propagated baby cuttings take off with growth with warmer temperatures and brighter light.”

Peperomia verschaffeltii


When it’s cold out it’s a lot harder to propagate plants. Some people choose to use heating mats and grow lights to help keep propagations happy in the wintertime, but there is just nothing like propagating in the spring and summer. You just pop your favorite plant in water and watch as it grows (sometimes it only takes a day for a little root to start growing).

3. Your Hard Work Throughout Autumn & Winter Start to Pay Off

Plant expert Alice Vincent, author of Rootbound, Rewilding a Life, has a beautiful garden at her new house. She's been working on it throughout these past colder months and is now ready for change. “New growth is always exciting, and while some of my house plants have been putting out new shoots and leaves since autumn, most have been in dormancy," Vincent said.

Alice Vincent's garden

Alice Vincent

"I'm looking forward to bigger and better things, and, crucially, the first spring and summer in my new garden. I've been nurturing seedlings from October that I expect big things from this season.” 

4. It's a Great Time to Experiment

David Dekevich poseses with a huge plant collection

David Dekevich

David Dekevich is ready to test out new techniques. “This growing season, I’m looking forward to trying different propagation methods, such as air layering," he said.

What is air layering?

Air layering is a method of plant propagation in which you try to grow roots on a stem that is still attached to the plant by wrapping nodes with damp moss to encourage root growth.

"I’m eager to try it on my big Fiddle Leaf Fig along with my smaller variegated rubber tree. I can also move some plants that I keep in my Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet outside on my patio to make room for more plants!”