Reasons to be Proud of Raising Your Children as a Single Parent

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    25 Reasons You Should Feel Proud of Being a Single Parent

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    As a single parent, you have much to feel proud of!

    1. You're on call 24/7.
    2. You make sure the kids are up in time to get ready for school each morning.
    3. You kiss every boo-boo.
    4. You recognize your children as uniquely gifted and valuable individuals.
    5. You tuck them in at night and make sure they're getting enough rest.
    6. You plan every birthday celebration.
    7. You make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.
    8. You help your children with their homework.
    9. You've created a warm and loving home.
    10. You're the...MORE one who gets up at night when they're sick.
    11. You're also the one who misses work to take care of them.
    12. You've taught them the value of friendship.
    13. You plan fun activities like roller skating, bowling, and hiking.
    14. You teach them the value of hard work.
    15. You demonstrate the value of money by spending carefully.
    16. You help your kids make good decisions on a daily basis.
    17. You answer their questions about the other parent.
    18. You read to them.
    19. You're the one keeping an eye on how much TV they watch.
    20. You've learned to organize every aspect of your lives.
    21. You know the difference between "wants" and "needs."
    22. You've taught your children to be responsible for themselves.
    23. You demonstrate resilience and determination every day.
    24. Your kids know they're loved.
    25. Your kids are proud of you, too.
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    More Reasons to be Proud of Raising Your Kids as a Single Parent

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    When we asked our readers what makes them feel proud of the work they've done raising their children, here's what they had to say:

    We are the ones who answer every single question, every single day; and we seem to say "No" more than "Yes!" ~ Barbara

    You are the one who takes them to school everyday and picks them up everyday. ~ Nina

    I get be the first to model true love. My son will become familiar with being treated well, cherished and valued....MORE Hopefully, he will never settle for less. ~ Michele Scales

    You look at your child with pride, knowing "I did that!" ~ Chris

    When they do something that makes you proud (good grades, learn something new, overcome a challenge, etc.), there is no doubt that part of it is attributed to YOUR tender loving care. ~ Single Ma

    When another adult (especially a teacher) compliments your child's manners or good behavior, you know it's because YOU taught them well. ~ Single Ma

    When they are sick, they only want to be with YOU. ~ Single Ma

    According to them, no one else can [fill in the blank] like YOU. ~ Single Ma

    When they become adults, they will ALWAYS remember and appreciate the sacrifices you've made to provide them with the very best. ~ Single Ma

    You teach your kids how to treat sales people, cashiers and other people you meet in public. ~ Susan B.