30 Reasons to Celebrate in June

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The first day of summer isn't the only thing to be excited about this June–although, after a long, dreary winter, it's certainly something to get excited about! From fun food holidays, to pet appreciation days, to notable days in history, here are 30 reasons to smile during the month of June.

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    June 1 – National Donut Day

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    As an adult—with an adult’s metabolism—the opportunity to knock back a couple of donuts rarely (if ever!) presents itself. But after countless breakfast smoothies, protein bars, and bland oatmeal, you’ve earned it! Plus, National Donut Day is a national holiday, so it’s basically your duty as an American to eat some dang donuts

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    June 2 – National Rocky Road Day

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    Ice cream has the uncanny ability to make any situation better—from a rough day at work, to uncomfortable premenstrual symptoms, to break-ups. This is especially true for Rocky Road (a tasty blend of chocolate ice cream, nuts and marshmallows.) Why? Discovered in 1929, it was named Rocky Road to give people a reason to smile during the Great Depression. What’s more, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream dominated the game, so Rocky Road was a surprising (and delicious) addition to the country’s ice cream offering. 

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    June 3 – National Egg Day

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    If you’re like most people, eggs were the first thing you learned to cook… and the only thing you cooked all the way through high school, college, and the years following college graduation. But it’s for good reason! They’re cheap, readily available, packed with protein and super versatile. Whether you like ‘em scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled, fried, poached, or baked, there are so many delicious ways to eat eggs. Today, celebrate the humble egg with some breakfast tacosegg salad, quiche, or even your favorite brownies!

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    June 4 – Hug Your Cat* Day

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    *If she will tolerate it.

    Unlike distant relatives we see once every few years, our cats are family members we actually want to hug. And today’s the day! If your cat doesn’t like being hugged—and really, many don’t—try showing your affection in another way. Give her a nose-to-tail rub, bonk her head or take a relaxing cat nap together. 

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    June 5 – World Environment Day

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    We’ve only got one planet—so let’s take care of it! Some extremely easy ways to give Mother Earth a little extra love include riding your bike to work, planting some baby trees in your backyard, starting a simple compost heap, recycling paper, plastic and aluminum, swapping plastic shopping bags for reusable totes, and buying local, organic food items when you’re able (and they’re available). Even if you make only one change, remember: Lots of little changes can add up to make a big impact! 

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    June 6 – National Gardening as Exercise Day

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    Did you know gardening can burn about 200 calories per hour? Yes, really! Gardening is a great exercise because it’s low-impact (that means it’s easy on the joints), cheap (or free!) and relaxing. Plus, time spent outdoors has been linked to reduced stress and improved brain function. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gloves and get gardening! 

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    June 7 – National Moonshine Day

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    OK, we’re not saying to run out to your town’s wooded area and find that one guy who still makes moonshine. These days, distilleries produce moonshine that not only tastes good—but it’s safe to drink, too. Try a moonshine-based cocktail or pour a flavored moonshine into a rocks glass for a strong, but tasty drink with an incredibly interesting (and varied) history.  

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    June 8 – Best Friends Day

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    Best friends play lots of roles in our lives, from trusted adviser, to number one cheerleader, to educational instructor. Today, show your best bud how much you appreciate her (or him) by treating them to a happy hour drink, their favorite home cooked dinner (or desserts!) or a small gift you know they’ll love.

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    June 9 – National Rosé Day

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    Rosé all day… today. Yep, everyone’s favorite sparkling, pink, alcoholic beverage has its very own holiday! Made for drinking al fresco, rosé gets its signature color by exposing the wine to red grape skins for only a short period of time, whereas red wine is exposed to the skins for weeks. Try mixing up a rose cocktail, rosé mimosa or even a frosé to enjoy on your patio tonight!

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    June 10 – National Iced Tea Day

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    Nothing says “summer” like a big pitcher of freshly brewed, ice cold tea that’s jam-packed with sliced lemons. Whether you prefer classic iced tea, iced lemongrass tea or every southerner’s sugar-laden favorite, sweet tea, there’s no wrong way to drink an iced tea today. (Psst, there are even iced tea cocktails, if you’re interested!) 

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    June 11 – Corn on the Cob Day

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    Topped with butter, salt and pepper, sprinkled with queso fresco and lime juice, or chopped into a fresh summer salad, it’s not a barbecue without some corn on the cob. Pro tip: If you’re crunched for time, you can microwave corn on the cob—and it tastes just as delicious. Simply shuck the ears of corn, wrap each individual ear in plastic wrap, and nuke for one minute. 

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    June 12 – National Jerky Day

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    Road trips, hikes and camping would be a lot hungrier without jerky. Packed with protein (for relatively few calories!), jerky is a must-have for long summer excursions. Amp up the nutritional value—and save a few bucks—by making your own jerky at home. All you need is a dehydrator, your favorite lean meat and some spices for added flavor. 

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    June 13 – Weed Your Garden Day

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    Hey, we get it—no one wants to deal with gardening when it’s cold and gloomy outside. But now that it’s summer, it’s time to give your garden the TLC it deserves! Rally your kids and grab your toughest gardening gloves, so you can tackle the weeds that took over during the winter.

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    June 14 – Flag Day

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    We all know the meaning of the Fourth of July, but do you know why we celebrate Flag Day? On June 14, 1777, the United States adopted the American flag. Since then, it’s become a symbol of freedom, endurance, and patriotism recognized around the globe. 

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    June 15 – Ugliest Dog Day

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    Every dog has his day—even the really ugly ones. In any dog owner’s eyes, though, their dog is the most beautiful, loving and loyal creature on the planet. Whether your dog is (objectively) ugly or beautiful give her a little extra love today. 

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    June 16 – Fresh Veggies Day

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    Before we dive headfirst into barbecue season, why not eat opt for some healthier eats… for one day? Eating fresh veggies doesn’t mean you have to eat a whole plate of greens, either. Swap your regular old salad for new-to-you combination, roast your favorite root veggies with garlic, olive oil and, your favorite spices, or blend up a handful of veggies (and fruits) in a nutrient-packed smoothie

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    June 17 – National Apple Strudel Day

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    Say hallo to apple pie’s tasty cousin! Made with thin layers of flaky crust, tons of apples and brown sugar, freshly baked apple strudel pairs well with coffee at breakfast or vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

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    June 18 – National Splurge Day

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    Whether splurging means drinking a glass of wine (or two!) on your patio, buying an outfit you’ve been eyeing, or noming on a massive bacon cheeseburger, there’s only one thing to do today: Treat. Your. Self.

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    June 19 – National Cherry Tart Day

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    Did you know you can buy (or pick!) the best cherries during the summer months? If you want to savor this summery flavor all year long, learn how to can and preserve cherries. That way, you don’t have to wait until next June to enjoy a delicious cherry tart! 

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    June 20 – National Vanilla Milkshake Day

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    Whether you’re a traditionalist, progressive or somewhere in-between, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Nothing beats a cold vanilla shake. Unless, of course, you mix in some crushed cookies or your favorite candy.

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    June 21 – The First Day of Summer

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    After a long, seemingly endless winter (and a short, chilly spring depending on where you live), it’s finally here: The first day of summer! Ring in the season with a few cocktails al fresco, a deliciously (and veggie-packed) fresh summer salad and a fun, outdoor family activity. You gotta take advantage of the extra-long daylight, right?

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    June 22 – National Onion Rings Day

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    Dunking a food item in batter and deep-frying it can make it about 100 times tastier—and this is especially true for onions! Try making your own onion rings at home (it’s easier than you’d think!) with this classic beer batter recipe.

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    June 23 – National Pink Day

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    Pink is a pretty polarizing color choice, but hear us out: It can add a fun, unexpected pop of color to your home décor, garden, wardrobe, or even your hairdo (maybe go for a demi-permanent pink hair dye if you’re on the fence.) Plus, the color pink represents so many awesome causes—from breast cancer awareness, to anti-bullying movements—so why not give it some props today?

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    June 24 – National Pralines Day

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    Pralines may make you think of a sweet, southern grandmother—and for good reason! A classic southern treat, pralines combine pecans, hazelnuts, or almonds with butter, cream, and brown sugar for a delicious dish guaranteed to make your dental fillings hurt. Today, channel your inner-granny and whip up a batch of your own!

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    June 25 – National Strawberry Parfait Day

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    A strawberry parfait may not be the healthiest breakfast or dessert option, but a national holiday is a pretty good excuse to treat yourself, right? If you’re looking for a healthier way to indulge, try this: Swap the ricotta for vanilla Greek yogurt and the cookie crumble for homemade granola. 

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    June 26 – Tropical Cocktails Day

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    Even if you can’t hit the beach today, you can still celebrate Tropical Cocktails Day! Don your favorite Hawaiian shirt, slip into some flip flops and enjoy a classic tiki cocktail, like a Mai Tai, Zombie or Rhum Swizzle. 

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    June 27 – National Pineapple Day

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    Here’s a fun fact for National Pineapple Day: Did you know pineapples are actually hundreds of tiny fruitlets that combine to form one pineapple fruit? Did you also know that they make a delicious meat marinade, tasty additions to baked goods, and super sweet candies

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    June 28 – National Tapioca Day

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    Love it or hate it, this squishy (and polarizing) treat has its very own national holiday. Whether you prefer it in pudding-form, added to boba tea, or even baked, tapioca makes an interesting addition to tons of drinks and desserts. 

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    June 29 – National Camera Day

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    Even though most of us just use our phone’s cameras these days, let’s take a moment to reflect on how freaking amazing cameras actually are. Invented in 1816, cameras have come lightyears from the first—a simple box with a piece of silver chloride-coated paper. 

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    June 30 – Bartender and Mixologist Day

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    Part server, part friend, and part therapist, bartenders do a lot more than just mixing up delicious cocktails, recommending the juiciest wines, or teaching us about the latest craft beer craze. Want to try your hand at some mixology? Try to make one of these beginner cocktails at home—and see just how tough it is to be a good bartender!