30 Reasons to Celebrate in September

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The end of summer barbecues and pool parties. The last of vacation days (until the holidays, at least). The beginning of the new school year. Sometimes, the month of September can be a bit of a bummer—especially after a super fun summer.

So, what's a family to do? Celebrate all of the wacky, weird, and wonderful holidays September has to offer! From National Double Cheeseburger Day (yes, it must be double), to National Beer Lover's Day, to Love Note Day, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate—and smile—during the month of September.

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    September 1 — National Cherry Popover Day

    The ingredients for cherry popovers.

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    About 50 percent flaky pastry, 50 percent gooey, syrup-y cherry, and 100 percent deliciousness, a fresh cherry popover makes an easy, pop-able breakfast or dessert—especially when you use fresh, end-of-summer cherries. Our recommendation? Prep a big batch of cherry popovers, then freeze in baggies for quick (and tasty!) breakfasts on-the-go.

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    September 2 — World Coconut Day

    A cracked coconut.

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    From coconut cake, to coconut cocktails, to coconut oil moisturizers and household cleaning products, there are literally hundreds of uses for coconut and coconut oil. Start by learning how to crack a coconut, then go coco-nuts with the planet's most versatile, one-seeded drupe.

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    September 3 — Another Look Unlimited Day

    A man carrying a box of clothes for donation.

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    These days, we all need to do our part to reduce waste and better protect the planet—and a good place to start is your very own closet. In 2015 alone, the fashion industry used a whopping 79 billion cubic meters of water (that's enough to fill 32 million Olympic-sized swimming pools!) on clothing production, and that figure is estimated to increase by 50 percent by 2030. So, what can you do to help?

    Another Look Unlimited Day encourages us to "take another look" at old clothing, shoes, and accessories, and try to repair or reuse older, slightly worn duds, or donate clothing we no longer need. If your closet is totally overflowing and you're not sure where to start, check out these simple tips.

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    September 4 — Eat an Extra Dessert Day

    A woman holding two small pies in skillets.

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    Between diets and all of that grown-up, internalized guilt, there are so few opportunities to totally splurge in our adult lives. But today? Go ahead and indulge in that second serving of dessert!

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    September 5 — National Cheese Pizza Day

    A close-up of a margherita pizza.

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    It's widely believed that the humble cheese pizza is, in fact, the perfect food. And we definitely don't disagree—a cheese pizza is the ideal balance of carbs, protein, and fat, reheats wonderfully, basically cures hangovers, and can double as a tasty breakfast food. We say, dig into a homemade margherita pizza or a classic cheese pie today.

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    September 6 — National Coffee Ice Cream Day

    Scoops of coffee ice cream.

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    Chocolate and peanut butter. Hall and Oates. Coffee and ice cream. There are some combinations that are just too good—and deserving of some serious celebration. Pile on a few scoops with chocolate syrup or blend your favorite coffee ice cream into a milkshake for a decadent treat.

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    September 7 — National Beer Lover's Day

    A man pouring a draft beer.

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    Beer isn't just the standard, light lager bartenders sling across every American bar top anymore. The craft beer movement has produced some incredibly creative—and incredibly tasty—brews that blend different styles, flavors, and inspirations. Check out your local brewery for some new-to-you beers, or try brewing your own beer at home, so you can learn more about the different options out there.

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    September 8 — National Hug Your Hound Day

    A woman hugging her Goldendoodle puppy.

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    Before we get into the puppy cuddles, it's important to note: Not all doggies like being hugged or cuddled, and you should never force your dog into a hug—there are plenty of other ways to show her affection! But if your pooch loves a good hug? Today's the day to indulge her!

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    September 9 — National Teddy Bear Day

    Three teddy bears on a little girl's bed.

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    Grab your old teddy from the attic and give him a squeeze 'cause today is National Teddy Bear Day. If you tossed or donated your old stuffed animals in a Marie Kondo-inspired frenzy, there are plenty of free patterns to create your own teddy bear.

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    September 10 — National Hot Dog Day

    An overhead shot of three hot dogs.

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    A grilled hot dog with ketchup, mustard, or sauerkraut is a staple in American barbecues, baseball games, or parties. But you don't have to stick to the original toppings—or eat hot dogs only in the summer! Try topping your dogs with some more inventive fare—like cilantro crema and avocado—for an easy, but delicious dish you can enjoy year-round.

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    September 11 — Make Your Bed Day

    A man making his bed.

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    Many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and influential social figures agree: If you want to set your day up for success, make your bed every morning. Not only will it help you establish a morning routine, but a tidy bed can help your life feel a little bit less cluttered, too. Plus, there's no better feeling than climbing into a cozy, tidy bed after a long day!

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    September 12 — National Chocolate Milkshake Day

    A woman holding a small chocolate milkshake.

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    Take a time machine back to your childhood—when your metabolism was lightning fast and your idea of a balanced meal was a banana split—and sip on a chocolate milkshake. Chocolate shakes are incredibly easy to make at home—you only need a few, common ingredients and a good blender—or head to the local diner for a classic shake.

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    September 13 — Snack a Pickle Day

    An overhead shot of pickles in a mason jar.

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    Love 'em or hate 'em, these crunchy cukes have their very own holiday. Although pickles can be fairly polarizing, there's certainly something to be said for the brine-y brightness they add to sandwiches, burgers, soups, and even cocktails. If store-bought pickles gross you out, why not give a homemade variety a chance? Pickles—and as well pickled veggies, like carrots or beets—are incredibly easy to make at home with a few mason jars, vinegar, and spices.

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    September 14 — Eat a Hoagie Day

    A submarine sandwich with multigrain bread, meat and cheese.

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    Whether you call it a hoagie, a grinder, a submarine, a hero, or a poorboy, today's the day to dig into one of those massive, meat-filled sandwiches that are piled between two really long slices of French or Italian bread. (That one doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)

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    September 15 — National Double Cheeseburger Day

    A double cheeseburger with bacon.

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    Yup, you read that right: You must eat a double cheeseburger today. It doesn't matter if it's topped with bacon, avocado, a fried egg, or even bleu cheese, or if you eat it alongside french fries, chips, or potato salad—just be sure to make it a double. We really have to twist your arm, right?

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    September 16 — National Guacamole Day

    An overhead shot of guacamole.

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    Guacamole is so simple, but so incredibly delicious—all you need is a few avocados, diced red onion, diced tomato, cilantro, and lime. And let's not forget the fresh tortilla chips! But if you want to add a twist to this classic Mexican dish, try adding a few diced jalapenos, chopped mango, mashed peas, or pomegranate seeds for some extra vitamins, fiber, and flavor.

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    September 17 — National Monte Cristo Day

    A monte cristo sandwich with french fries.

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    Nope, a Monte Cristo isn't just a case of a wrongfully imprisoned Count—it's a totally decadent, pressed sandwich, too. Combining ham and cheese and fried in egg batter, a Monte Cristo is an American spin on the classic French croque-monsieur sandwich. Our advice? Experiment with different cheeses; most recipes recommend Swiss cheese, but Gruyere, for example, is super tasty, too.

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    September 18 — Rice Krispies Treats Day

    A stack of rice krispie treats.

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    Is there anything more classic (or easier to make) than a good ol' Rice Krispie treat? Combine butter, marshmallows, and Rice Krispies for a traditional variation, or try adding different kinds of cereal, sprinkles, or chocolate chips for a new-to-you—and incredibly delicious—Rice Krispie recipe.

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    September 19 — International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    A little boy dressed up as a pirate.

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    Shiver me timbers—it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! If you're not sure exactly how to talk like a pirate, we recommend throwing a few "argggghs" and "walk the planks" into your everyday conversation. Whether or not you carry your family's pet bird on your shoulder all day or wear an eye patch is totally up to you.

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    September 20 — National Pepperoni Pizza Day

    A close-up of flatbread pepperoni pizza.

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    If a cheese pizza is the perfect food, a pepperoni pizza is the perfect food and then some. Topped with classic pepperoni or spicy soppressata, this pizza makes an ideal take-out dinner, late night snack, or breakfast—served cold, of course!

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    September 21 — International Eat an Apple Day

    A close-up of red apples.

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    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Apples aren't just a tasty way to get your daily dose of fiber—they're an incredibly versatile ingredient in cooking and baking, too. Juice green apples with cucumbers, lemon, and spinach for a nutrient-packed morning juice, dice apples into a chutney and serve with pork chops or baked ham for a flavorful, but healthy dinner, or bake an apple with brown sugar and cinnamon for a simple dessert.

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    September 22 — World Carfree Day

    A woman riding her bike to work.

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    Did you know the average car emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year? Or that burning one gallon of gas (alone) creates about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide?

    If you're able, do your part in protecting Mother Earth and ditch your car today. Try biking to work (don't forget your helmet!), take public transit, or carpool with a few coworkers. It may seem small, but remember: Small changes can add up to have a major impact.

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    September 23 — National Great American Pot Pie Day

    A close-up of a pot pie.

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    Fall is officially here! And that means more of your favorite sweaters, beautiful, fall foliage, and lots of cozy, warm recipes. And what better way to celebrate the arrival of fall than a classic, American pot pie? It's easy to make your own crust (or opt for store-bought, if you're crunched for time!), and you can toss whatever meats or veggies you have on-hand into the filling. Some good news for our vegetarian friends: It's super easy to make a veggie-friendly (and even vegan-friendly) pot pie, too!

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    September 24 — National Punctuation Day

    A question mark on a chalkboard.

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    We all have that one friend who just loves to point out our grammatical and punctuation errors in texts or emails. And, well, today is his or her day: It's National Punctuation Day! Brush up on your use of apostrophes (hey, it can be hard to remember!), definitively decide whether you're going to use an Oxford comma or not, and get a little adventurous by throwing a semi-colon into a work email or text.

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    September 25 — National Cooking Day

    A father and son cooking in the kitchen.

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    For some of us, cooking means boiling pasta and heating up some pre-made marinara; for others, it means preparing a sous vide steak, blanching and creaming spinach, and hand-whipping potatoes for a decadent, multi-course meal. No matter your definition of "cooking," today's the day to don your apron, get into the kitchen, and try preparing something new.

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    September 26 — National Pancake Day

    Pancakes with blueberries on top.

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    Blueberries. Bananas. Classic buttermilk. When it comes to pancakes, the combinations and flavors are pretty much limitless. Simply stir the fixings of your choice into homemade or packaged pancake batter, fry, and nom. Want to take your pancakes to the next level? Chop up some lightly fried bacon and add it to your pancake batter for a super savory batch of pancakes.

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    September 27 — Love Note Day

    An overhead shot of a love note with lavender flowers.

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    Everyone loves receiving a sweet love note, right? This time, skip the mushy, store-bought card and get a little more creative! Add a cute note to your kids school lunch by writing on their banana peel, use old lipstick to write a message on your partner's side of the bathroom mirror, or surprise your best friend with a gift card for a mani or pedi, or a home-cooked meal.

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    September 28 — International Rabbit Day

    A side-view of a baby bunny.

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    When it comes to cute animal appreciation, it seems like kittens and puppies get all the credit, right? Well, today's the day to give bunnies the love and admiration they deserve!

    Here are just a few reasons to love rabbits:

    1. Um, hello, have you seen those soft, fuzzy, adorable little ears they're working with?
    2. They're just as cute in milk chocolate and white chocolate form.
    3. They're sweet, little woodland creatures that love to hop around and nibble on wildflowers all day long. Does it get any cuter?
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    September 29 — National Coffee Day

    A close-up of two cups of coffee.

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    There are plenty of reasons to love the bean juice that makes us go fast. Namely, it makes those long, slow weekday mornings bearable and weekend mornings a little bit more delicious. Today, raise your coffee mug (that you've already refilled, like, three times this morning) and toast to the tasty, roasty beans that keep us going.

    Looking for a few more ways to appreciate coffee? Try adding it to your favorite cocktail, coating coffee beans in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or blending a few beans into your favorite vanilla ice cream for a homemade coffee shake.

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    September 30 — National Hot Mulled Cider Day

    An overhead shot of hot mulled cider.

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    Whether you brew some kid-friendly cider or add a splash of your favorite whisky for an adults-only drink, there's nothing better than curling up in front of a fire with a cup of hot, fresh mulled cider.