5 Reasons to Design a Mint Green Nursery

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    Mint Mania

    Mint Mania Promo
    Photos (clockwise from left to right): 1. Via Apartment Therapy 2. Via Charming in Charlotte 3. By Melissa Audrey via 100 Layer Cakelet.

    Clean and refreshing, mint green is this year’s must-use nursery hue. Minty green goodness is taking the fashion and design world by storm, and with good cause  - well, several to be precise. Here are 5 reasons we just can’t get enough of this pretty pastel… 

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    It’s Not Just for Girls

    Mint, Orange & Black Boy's Room
    Photo via East Coast Creative

    Move over navy, there’s a new neutral in town! Mint Green looks beautiful with almost any color, making it a perfect fit for a boy or girl. Want a sweet, girly look? Pair with corals and soft pinks. Need something a little more masculine? Try adding a touch of blue or orange. Waiting on a surprise delivery? Keep things neutral by combining a minty hue with a gender-neutral shade of grey or yellow. 

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    It’s a Psychological Super-Color

    Soothing Mint
    Photo via The Little Umbrella.

    Minty greens combine the soothing power of blue with the nurturing power of green, packing the psychological benefits of both colors into one serene shade. Green tones reduce anxiety by providing a deeply instinctual sense of physical well-being. Blue tones relax both the mind and body and have been proven to physically lower blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, priming baby's body for sleep. Put them together and you have a knockout color combination that’ll leave your little one comfortably out for the count! 

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    It’s Practically Foolproof

    As nature’s favorite neutral, green has a reputation for being versatile. It goes with practically everything! Still, when choosing accent colors, it’s important to find the right tone. Luckily, mint green falls squarely within the pastel family, which means it’s guaranteed to look fabulous with any other pastel pairing! You really can’t go wrong. Just pick a slew of your favorite sherbet-inspired shades, and get busy. 

    Think pastels are old-fashioned? Think again! These refreshing ideas might give you a change of heart.

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    It Pairs Well with Brights

    Mint & Orange
    Photo by House of Fifty.

    Nothing adds punch to a pastel palette like a burst of bright color. Want to give your soft, mint nursery a modern edge? Add a few bold accents in colors like orange, yellow, or hot pink. Not a fan of neon? Dark, dramatic accent colors, like navy, can have a similar effect. 

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    It Looks Gorgeous with Gold

    Cool pastels go beautifully with sparkling metallics, and mint green is no exception! A touch of shimmering gold adds warmth and richness to a pastel palette, for a look that oh-so-glam. Want to add a little bling to your nursery design? Try one of these simple ideas