Reasons to Have Your Area Rug Made Out of Broadloom

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When shopping for an area rug, you are not limited to the selection on the store racks. There are a number of reasons why you may choose to have an area rug made out of broadloom and have it finished around the edges, rather than buy a pre-made rug. Here are some points to consider:

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    Usually, it will be less expensive to take a piece of broadloom and have it finished to make an area rug than it will be to purchase a ready-made rug.

    For example, a pre-made rug that is 9’ x 12’ will usually run well above $1,000. Consider an average carpet that comes in 12’ widths and sells for $2.50 per square foot; the cost for the same-sized rug made out of broadloom would be $270 plus the cost of finishing. Depending on which type of finishing you choose (binding, serging or fringing) and local pricing, the finishing could range between approximately $50 and $100, bringing your rug up an approximate total of $370—a huge difference in overall cost when compared to a pre-made rug.

    If you are lucky enough to be able to find a carpet remnant that is the style you want and is at least the size that you need, you could end up paying a lot less than the regular price of the carpet, which would result in even bigger savings compared to a standard area rug.

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    Size and Shape

    Pre-made area rugs come in standard sizes. The most common rug sizes are (within a few inches):

    • 3' x 5'
    • 4' x 6'
    • 5' x 8'
    • 7' x 10'
    • 8' x 11'

    If you are purchasing a pre-made area rug, you are limited by the sizes offered in the style you like (not all of the above sizes are offered for every rug; most styles are offered in three or four sizes only). So it goes without saying that if your room is an irregular shape or size, you will likely have a difficult time finding a pre-made rug that suits your requirements.

    Obviously, when customizing an area rug out of broadloom, you can have the rug made into almost any size or shape. For extra-large rooms or open concept floor plans, you may choose to use a broadloom that comes in 15’ widths, allowing you to have up to 15’ of a seamless rug. In the event that you require a rug that is larger than the width of the carpet in both directions (i.e., bigger than a 15’ x 15’), you can choose to have the size made by seaming two pieces of material together. With properly selected carpet, such as a long, thick pile or a carpet with a linear pattern, the seam will likely not be too visible.​

    Perhaps you have a room or hallway with unusual angles and would like to have a rug that follows the floor plan of the space. Again, a benefit to an area rug made from broadloom is that it can be customized to the exact shape you require. Most carpet retailers have an installer or another worker capable of cutting the carpet to your specifications, either from a template you bring them or from their own measurements taken on site. (Note, however, that extremely detailed and sharp angles may be difficult to run through the binding or serging machine; discuss this with your retailer prior to purchase.)

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    There is a seemingly limitless selection of area rugs available in virtually any color or pattern you can think of. However, most standardized area rugs are patterned. You may not want a patterned rug or may prefer a pattern that is more subtle. By using broadloom to make your area rug, you have an incredibly vast selection of colors and styles, in both patterned and non-patterned looks. Broadloom tends to have more subtle patterning than area rugs; for example, berbers or cut-and-loops are often available in solid colors that feature geometric or abstract patterns. The solid color helps to keep the carpet from appearing too busy, while the pattern provides some visual interest.

    Another way that broadloom offers more selection than pre-made area rugs is with its multitude of color options. If you are looking for a very specific color for your rug, you have only to walk into a carpet store and flip through the samples—chances are you will find the perfect color in at least one style of carpet.

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    Matching Ability

    Perhaps you have installed wall-to-wall carpet in an area of your home, but have a hard-surface flooring in a different area nearby. You would like to have an area rug on the flooring, but you want it to do more than just complement your carpet: you want it to match. So, why not make a rug out of the same carpet you laid in the other room? This ensures flow and harmony between the areas of your home.

    Another instance when you may opt to match your broadloom is making a runner on your stairs out of the same carpet. If you have hardwood stairs but have broadloom laid adjacent to the stairs, a pre-made runner, though it may be complementary, could seem out of place. Having a runner made out of the same broadloom and installing it on the stairs provides continuity and a beautiful finished appearance.

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    Despite the fact that there are so many pre-made area rugs available, there is always the chance that you will encounter the same rug in someone else’s home one day—especially if the rug was purchased at a popular big box store, where the selection is the same from town to town. By selecting a broadloom and having it made to your specifications, you can be pretty much guaranteed that you will have a true one-of-a-kind rug that you will not find in anyone else’s family room. It will also ensure that guests in your home will not look at it and think, "Oh, I saw that rug at the store, and I know how much it costs!" You are unique; you deserve a rug that is as well.