8 Reasons to Love Decorative Kitchen Lighting

8 Ways to Incorporate Decorative Kitchen Lighting

Today's Kitchens are really utilizing design elements such as cabinetry, countertops, and as of recently lighting.  A great chandelier, pendant or wall sconce in the kitchen can really reinforce a stylistic statement and add an element of personality to the kitchen. 

Here are 8 great ways you can use decorative lighting in your next kitchen project:

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    #1: Create a focal point

    cotedetexas.com via Pinterest

    With so many options available in decorative lighting, and with consumers more open to using fancy chandeliers or modern art-like lighting fixtures, one can use a decorative light to emphasize a wall, island or kitchen feature.  Choose a nice pendant over the main sink or wall sconces on either side of the hood.  My favorite lighting store with a great selection online is Lumens.  

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    #2: Add some color

    Orange Lighting FIxture
    Use a Pop of Color to make a Statement. Stephen Simpson/ Taxi/ Getty Images

    Whether it be a pop of blue or red, or metallic copper or gold, decorative lighting is a fabulous way to make a color statement.  With the use of neutral colors in cabinetry and countertops, consumers can more comfortably commit to the use of color in a fixture, as this can be changed out more easily.  With so many options available, you can even search lighting websites by color.

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    #3: Define a space

    Pendants over Island. Nicolette Patton

    Chandeliers and pendants are great to define eating bar, dining tables or work zones.  Place them in open spaces that don't crowd walls or cabinetry.  Think of scale.  If you have an island with tall ceilings, you could manage to place a large chandelier.  If you have a small peninsula, a series of pendants may work better.  

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    #4: Create accents

    Wall sconces used on a bare kitchen wall is a great way to dress up a plain wall with the fixture and the up or down illumination.  Industrial farmhouse wall arm fixtures are making their presence above wall cabinets and over sinks.  

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    #5: Illuminate Art

    Detailcollective.com via Pinterest

    Shine a directional light on a painting or wall sculpture in the kitchen to increase the presence of the piece.  Adding art and art lighting to a kitchen is a great way to add an artistic personal statement.   

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    #6: Accessorize

    Meredith Brass Lanterns. Pottery Barn

    Table lamps, lanterns or battery operated lighted objects in kitchens are not very common, but are a way to decorate and illuminate at the same time.  Cordless lamps work even better so they can be moved anywhere within the kitchen.  

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    #7: Display

    Interior Cabinet Strip lights. Nar Fine Carpentry

    Any great glass display cabinet has interior cabinet lighting.  Strip lighting or puck lighting is used to showcase glassware, dishes or objects.  At night, the entire cabinet becomes a lighting element from within.

    Thank You to Nar Fine Carpentry for the use of their photo.

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    #8: Overall lighting

    For those projects that are not able to install recessed lighting for general kitchen light, surface mount fixtures can be used.  Surface mount fixtures are not your boxed fluorescents anymore.  You can find lovely surface mounts that are beautiful and stylish that disperse light and even better these pieces are available at many different price points. 

With so many ways to use decorative lighting in the kitchen, it is important to plan ahead to position them in the proper locations and also leave room in your budget. Often times, lighting fixtures can be left until the end of the project after the budget is taken up by the larger items. Decorative lighting is something you will not want to overlook or skip because it can create so many lovely and impactful features in a kitchen.