5 Reasons to Love the Amazon Wedding Registry

The Benefits of Registering for Your Wedding Gifts at Amazon.com

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When it comes to choosing where to register for your wedding, there are more options than ever. Compared to previous generations who were only able to register in-store with a paper and pen list, or the more recent iteration of an electronic scan gun to choose each of your items, today's couples have it in the bag with the plethora of online-only registries. Let's be honest -- people these days are busy. Going in-store to register takes dedicated time and energy, and online registries provide all sorts of flexibility and on-the-go convenience.

One of the most popular online wedding registries comes from one of the web's most popular retailers: Amazon.com. Let's explore the many reasons why the Amazon Wedding Registry is so amazing.

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    Amazon Has a Wide Variety of Products

    If you've ever shopped on Amazon.com, you already know about their wide variety of products, so it should be no surprise that you can add any of the over 200 million products to your wedding registry list! Add anything from wedding gowns, engagement rings, decorative pieces, kitchen utensils, bedding, bathroom items, furniture, clothing, electronics, and so much more. Everything you'll need for your newlywed home and life, from top to bottom, can likely be found on the massive e-tailer.

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    Amazon Wedding Registry Is Universal

    Not only can you add anything from the millions of items they stock on Amazon.com, but you can also add items from any site on the web using the Amazon Wish List button. Install the browser extension into your favorite web browser and you can conveniently add any item of your choice to your wish list. Pretty amazing, right?

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    Amazon Prime Has Perks

    If you've ever shopped on Amazon, you may already know about the awesome benefits of becoming a Prime member. As a member of Amazon Prime, you get a host of benefits that make the $99 yearly fee completely worth it. Check out some of the perks of Prime below:

    • Free two-day shipping on all Prime eligible items
    • Access to Prime Instant Video featuring a great selection of streaming movies and TV shows
    • Access to Amazon Prime's Music collection
    • Ability to borrow books from Kindle's lending library
    • Plus amazing prices on millions of products!

    Want to sign up for Amazon Prime? Sign up for Amazon Prime here.

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    Get 10% off Your Amazon Wedding Registry Completion

    As if the Amazon registry wasn't amazing enough on its own, you also get the added benefit of an exclusive discount to snatch up any remaining gifts left on your list after the wedding day. Take 10% off all items remaining on your wedding registry for up to 90 days post-wedding. Every little bit helps when it comes to savings, so it's definitely an awesome perk of the Amazon wedding registry. 

    When you're registering, you might as well add any and everything you could possibly ever want so you can take advantage of that extra discount. Dream big, right?

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    Creating an Amazon Wedding Registry Will Save You Time and Money

    Overall, the Amazon Wedding Registry is amazing because it will ultimately save you time and money when creating your wish list of gifts. Not only can you add millions of products to your list from Amazon's own website, along with an infinite number of products that are available on other sites with the universal wish list button, but you can also add items on the go with the Amazon mobile app. It really doesn't get more convenient than that, does it?