18 Beautiful Reasons to Paint Your Nursery Walls Black

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    Can't Imagine a Black Nursery? These Photos Just Might Change Your Mind

    Cozy baby room interior with play tent and crib
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    When we think of a nursery, black is probably the last color to come to mind. But black walls don’t have to be depressing or dreary. When used well, this chic and defining neutral can make a bold and beautiful statement… even in a baby’s room.

    Black walls make colors pop and ground neutral spaces. They can look rich and rustic, moody and glamorous or thoroughly modern. Believe it or not, black walls can even be, well, cheery. They are more versatile than you might imagine and can be found in almost every décor style.

    Not sure black belongs in the nursery? You don’t have to take our word for it! These gorgeous black nurseries speak for themselves. Click through and see what this unexpected nursery color could do for your little one’s space!

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    Black and Bold

    This bright and beautiful twin nursery may have black walls, but the effect is anything but depressing! As with white, neutral black can really give the color a boost, creating contrast and making bold hues look cleaner and brighter. 

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    Black and Gold

    A touch of gold adds to the natural glam of this beautiful black and white nursery room. Black walls amp up the drama, reversing the typical black on white approach and giving the space a richer, more luxurious feel.   

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    Bohemian Beauty

    Natural textures, like cane, fur, and linen, really pop against a neutral black background in this sweet and eclectic nursery. Contrasting accents of white and gold create a sense of balance, preventing the space from seeming too drab. 

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    Gothic Glamor

    With its ornate architectural molding, bold color and luxurious wallpaper, this gorgeous Gothic-revival nursery offers a modern take on the Victorian era, where black walls and rich accents ruled the day. A generous sprinkling of gold adds to the room’s opulence.  

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    Simply Stated

    Stark, black walls make a dramatic statement in this minimalist nursery space, offering a fresh take on the new Nordic aesthetic. The unexpected color choice lends graphic appeal to the design, allowing simple outlines and geometric shapes to pop.

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    A Graphic Design

    This monochromatic nursery design may lack color, but its simple, black and white palette comes far from falling flat. The key is in the contrast. A bold, black accent wall makes clean, white furnishings pop, adding plenty of drama to the space. 

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    Rainbow Bright

    Black and white nursery with colorful rainbow accents
    Chic and Cheap Nursery

    Think a nursery with four black walls can’t be colorful? Think again! Much like a rainbow breaking through the clouds, this vibrant nursery’s multi-colored accents glow against a stormy black background, creating a positively cheery effect. 

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    Black and Yellow

    Clean, contemporary and just a little preppy, this neutral nursery makes a statement by setting sunny yellow patterns against a bold, black accent wall. A dramatic, black and white patterned rug helps tie the look together.

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    Black and Red

    This Scandinavian-inspired design pairs simple, organic furnishings with intense black walls. Neutral accents and a splash of playful red keep the space feeling fresh and modern, rather than dark and dreary.

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    Black and Orange

    This chic and modern nursery has a swanky, mid-century feel with retro furnishings and bright orange accents. A beautiful black accent wall brings focus to the room’s architectural strengths, playing with elements of shape and light. 

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    Farm House Black

    Black walls give this rustic, farm-themed nursery a rich, masculine appeal. Clean white furnishings and golden yellow accents provide plenty of visually stimulating contrast, keeping the walls from looking flat.  

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    Rustic Neutrals

    This stylish, Southwestern-themed nursery boasts warm neutrals and bold red accents - a color scheme made all the richer when set against an earthy, chalkboard feature wall decorated with hand-drawn mountains and trees. Black accent pieces punctuate the space, bringing the look together.  

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    Modern Mix

    Modern and funky with just a touch of glam, this neutral, black and grey nursery offers bright color and graphic contrast with a healthy dose of mid-century style. A beautiful, abstract art piece in a chic, gold frame makes a dramatic statement on an otherwise empty, accent wall. 


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    Neutral Nirvana

    Warm woods and rich textures work together in perfect harmony in this sweet and earthy nursery. A neutral black accent wall dominates the space, giving the room a sense of drama and definition. 

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    Black and Blue

    Bright blue accents pop off the all-black walls in this rich and moody boy’s room. The color is intense, and yet neutral with earthy greens and browns giving the space a natural, woodsy charm.

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    Sun Shower

    Colorful accents abound in this beautiful, sun-shower-inspired nursery space, offering yet another example of the color-boosting properties of black or near-black walls. White furniture and neutral wood flooring keep the space looking light and bright. 


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    Little Wonder

    Working with a small space? Dark colors can actually make a small room feel larger, especially when the entire space is painted in the same deep shade. Near-black walls give this cozy little nursery presence, making it feel more spacious. Clean white trim makes the neutral dark space recede, increasing the effect. 

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    Comic Relief

    This adorable black and white space is full of graphic, comic-book-inspired style. A variety of bold, large-scale patterns stand out against the room’s solid black accent wall, maximizing contrast, while a mishmash of cute accessories creates a sense of whimsy that’s perfectly on point for a child’s space. 

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    Go to the Dark Side

    Digging dark neutrals? If you like black but are craving a little more color, consider a navy nursery. This rich and royal color matches almost everything and is a great fit for girls or boys. Want to take the drama down a notch? A gorgeous grey or versatile greige may be the perfect fit for your nursery space.