5 Reasons You May Want to Stop Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

A picture of a family leaving the house
Thinking of leaving the stay-at-home mom life? There are plenty of reasons women stop being a stay-at-home mom but it all comes down to what's best for your family. Photo © Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

You may have toyed with the decision to put your life as a stay-at-home mom on hold or completely behind you in your personal history book. But it's such a big decision, how do you know when to go from thinking about it to taking the plunge back into the working world? Weigh these top reasons women stop being a stay-at-home mom to help you decide when you should stop being home with the kids full-time.

Your Kids are Older

Your kids are growing up way too fast and they don't quite need you as much as they used to. This has got you thinking about your role as a stay-at-home mom.

Some moms do give up the stay-at-home life once their kids are older. Some don't. It's really a personal choice. You'll hear of the stay-at-home mom who went back to work when her youngest child started kindergarten. Then you'll hear of the stay-at-home mom with kids in high school.

You Don't Enjoy Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Can you remember back to your first day as a stay-at-home mom? You probably experienced a range of emotions. You were excited about being there for your little one. You were nervous about your "first day on the job." You may have even wondered if your choice to stay home was the right one to make.

As the days go on, at-home parenting has presented you with a number of challenges, some of that parenting time can even make you feel like you don't enjoy being a stay-at-home mom anymore.

If that's you, you may be questioning yourself for quitting your job to become a stay-at-home mom. Being a stay-at-home mom isn't for everyone but before you make a drastic decision, make sure you're not just stuck in a temporary rut...

You Feel Stuck in a Rut

If you're feeling frustration more than happiness in your days as a stay-at-home mom, maybe it's time to explore your options.

You can take on volunteer work, a part-time job or seriously consider going back to work full-time.

The thing about ruts is they are usually temporary. You want to make sure that rut you feel like you're stuck in now doesn't cause you to jump into a decision that will affect all of your family while setting you up to regret that decision later. Take your time to ensure what you're feeling isn't something that will soon pass.

You're Facing a Financial Dilemma

Some moms would love to remain at-home parents but finances simply won't allow it. Your spouse may lose his job, get a pay cut or you may face other financial challenges that force you to dust off your fancy clothes to start the job hunt.

Take a hard look at your financial situation to see if you would be better off staying home with the kids or going back to work. Going back to work isn't an automatic financial boost, depending on your situation and the paycheck you'll be earning. There are commute expenses, childcare expenses and other related expenses that you weren't paying for as a stay-at-home mom.

You Like Working

There's nothing wrong with enjoying your work. If you're torn because you feel like you can't be both an at-home parent and a working mom, there's a compromise.


There are plenty of jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home moms. From freelancing positions to jobs online, you can still have something to call your own that will also contribute to your family's finances while also being able to stay home with your children.

You Want to Keep Climbing the Corporate Ladder

There are ways to keep your resume fresh as a stay-at-home mom so you can cover the employment gap on your resume. But the best way to keep climbing the corporate ladder is to remain in the workforce.

There are opportunities as a freelancer you can explore. Plus, there are telecommuting jobs that allow you to stay home and further your career at the same time. While the opportunities that exist vary based on your career path, you can make the at-home life and the work life co-exist to have the best of both worlds.