5 Reasons to Cook With a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking involves processing foods at very high pressure for a short period of time. This kind of cooking can produce healthy quick meals and roasts in a fraction of the time of conventional oven cooking. If you're in the market for a pressure cooker, here are five reasons to use one:

  • Time Saver - Rapid Cooking
    Cook and serve a meal in half an hour or less. You can pressure cook a roast in less than half an hour, long grain rice in 5 minutes, a 5 lb chicken in less than 15 minutes and corn on the cob in under 5 minutes. Consult your pressure cooker manual or manufacturer's site for timetables for different foods. A pressure cooker will enable you to cook a meal quicker which means less time in the kitchen. Rapid cooking also means less energy use - saving you money in energy costs.
  • Tenderizing Meats
    You can cook a cheaper cut of meat and serve it fork-tender every time. Stewing beef and wild game will be juicy and extremely tender.
  • Perfect for Soups & Meat Stocks
    Quickly make a pot of soup for dinner or chicken stock for soup or gravies. You can easily make a large amount of stock to freeze or can which will save you money on your food budget. High pressure cooking of meat bones makes a flavorful soup stock.
  • Flavor is Sealed In
    Cooking at high pressure with less or no water seals the flavor right into the foods.
  • Healthier Cooking
    Your meals are healthier because vitamins and minerals stay right in the foods and are not lost when cooking at high pressure.