10 Brunch Ideas for Your Wedding

Brunch Wedding Buffet
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Brunch weddings are becoming quite the trend these days, and there are so many reasons why they are increasing in popularity. Not only can brunch weddings be more affordable, but many aspects make a brunch wedding more fun, too. In this article, you'll find 10 reasons why brunch weddings are awesome, and by the end, you might just find yourself convinced to plan your own big day during brunching hours.​

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    Amazing Brunch Food Options

    Brunch - Eggs Benedict
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    When it comes to brunch, the food options are endless and generally super affordable. You could offer a buffet of brunch foods filled to the brim with savory dishes such as baked or scrambled eggs, hash brown casserole, bacon, sausage, and toasted bread. Brunch also has wonderful options for sweets such as muffins, pastries, pancakes, waffles, french toast, cinnamon rolls, and scones. You may find that the food selections alone make a strong case for why brunch weddings need to be a totally normal thing.

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    Fun and Festive Brunch Cocktails

    Waffles, sausage, and Mimosa Brunch
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    Brunch cocktails are a staple for a fabulous mid-morning meal. There are so many different delicious cocktails that are traditionally served at brunch. Choosing to limit your bar service to a select few of your favorite brunch cocktails will allow you to easily keep your bar tab in check. If you pick cocktails that utilize all the same liquors, you'll save even more. Consider offering Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Bellinis, and Screwdrivers; all you will need is vodka and champagne, along with the various fruit juices for mixing. People are also less likely to tie one on during a morning event, so your guests shouldn't imbibe nearly as much as they would at an evening reception.

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    Starting Early Means More Time With Your Guests

    Brunch Wedding
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    It's a plain and simple fact, having an early start on your wedding day gives you more time with your guests. Depending on your ceremony time, you could be married, have a fabulous reception and be out the door by 2 p.m. Having an early wedding can also save you money, as Saturday evenings are the norm when it comes to wedding bookings. If the celebrations are over by the early afternoon, that could leave your venue open to book an evening wedding as well, so there's a chance you could get a discount on your venue rental.

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    Fun Brunch Dessert Options

    Breakfast Wedding Cakes
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    For a brunch wedding, there are many creative alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. If you would rather not serve a typical cake, opt instead for a cake made of pancakes, waffles or even donuts. These brunch cakes add an extra special and unique touch to your dessert display and fit right in with a brunch wedding. Who doesn't love the idea of a cake made of colorful sweet doughnuts?

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    Brunch Can Be as Fancy as You Want

    Daytime Wedding
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    Whether you want your event to feel like an elegant, formal wedding or a casual backyard gathering, brunch can be as fancy as you want. You and your guests can get gussied up or keep things casual based on your preferences. The attire and decor can easily reflect the formality of the event as you desire. Your wedding could be intimate or have a huge guest list, the brunch concept is easy to apply in either situation thanks to the various affordability factors at play.

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    You Can Opt out of Dancing

    Bride and Groom Dancing
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    For daytime weddings, dancing is totally optional. As with all wedding decisions, each one is personal to the couple getting married. Feel free to skip the dance floor rental or hiring the expensive band if you're not the dancing type. Consider putting together a classy jazzy brunch playlist to have as background music during your reception. If you do want to dance, your guests will follow suit!

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    Coffee and Espresso Bar

    Coffee and Espresso
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    Another fun detail you can add to your brunch wedding is a coffee and espresso bar. For the non-drinkers in attendance, they will appreciate getting a nice latte or cappuccino to sip during the celebration with their sweets. Not only is it a creative idea but it will also perk up your guests!

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    You Can Keep the Decor Simple

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    Since many brunch weddings take place outdoors in the spring and summer, you can embrace the natural beauty of your location. When you have a naturally beautiful location to work with, you can keep the decorations to a minimum. Consider stringing some simple lanterns, incorporating some balloon bouquets, and keeping your centerpieces simple and chic.

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    Creative Food Stations

    Omelette Station
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    Want to take your event to the next level? One of the most fun and interactive wedding trends is to have creative food stations at your reception, and brunch opens up a plethora of options. Offer an omelet station or have fresh beignets made on the spot for your guests to get a custom breakfast made to their liking. Looking to add some Southern charm? You could also consider a top your own grits bar or a biscuit and gravy station. Other yummy and unique ideas to utilize include a custom cereal station or a yogurt and granola bar.

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    You'll Have Amazing Light for Your Wedding Photos

    Wedding Getaway Car
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    Last but certainly not least, is that an outdoor daytime wedding gives you access to gorgeous natural light, which is ideal for your wedding photos. Having these perfect lighting conditions will help to ensure that your wedding photos turn out beautifully to be cherished for a lifetime. Choose a brunch wedding to allow you and your future spouse to be expertly captured in the most ideal lighting to get stunning photos of your big day.