10 Recipes for Easter Baking at its Best

Full Frame Shot Of Hot Cross Buns On Baking Tray
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    Hot Cross Buns Recipe

    Home Made Hot Cross Buns. Elaine Lemm

    Easter could not be Easter without a  mound of these soft, spiced, fruity buns on Good Friday, the traditional time for eating them though they are good at any time. This recipe is an easier version than many classic recipes though it does still need a little planning to allow time for the buns to rise. But all the effort is worth it as the house fills with the scent of cinnamon.and spices.

    Easy Hot Cross Buns Recipe

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    Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding

    Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding. Photo Elaine Lemm

    Should you, though it is doubtful you will, have any leftover Hot Cross Buns then use them up in this Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe.  

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    Chocolate Macaron Recipe

    Stack of chocolate macarons on white plate
    Chocolate Macarons. steveH / Getty Images

    Make a change from giving Easter Eggs, bake these delightful Macarons and offer them as gifts at Easter and watch the delight of those you give them to (plus they will be very impressed.

    Do not be afraid of making these classy chocolate Macarons; they are not as difficult as they seem. There are a few rules to follow and if you do, you will be thrilled with the results. 

    Chocolate Macaron Recipe

    Just because it is Easter, you do not have to only make chocolate Macarons, there are many flavours to...MORE choose from. 


    Make Perfect Macarons Recipe

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    Perfect Macarons Every Time

    Macaron Wedding Cake. Photo © JayMountford Photography

    Just because it is Easter, you do not have to only make chocolate Macarons, there are many flavours to choose from. 

    Make Perfect Macarons Recipe

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    Simnel Cake Recipe

    Simnel Cake. joy skipper/Getty Images

    The traditional Simnel cake is steeped in history and symbolism. The cake signifies the end of Lent and the period of fasting and abstinence. So what better way than with a cake rich with dried fruits, heady spices and luscious layers of marzipan.

    Classic Simnel Cake Recipe 

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    Zingy Passion Fruit Tart Recipe

    Lemon Tart. GrenouilleFilms/E+/Getty Images

    As a balance to all the chocolate, spices and marzipan whizzing around at Easter comes this sophisticated  Passion Fruit Tart. The tart is a take on the classic Lemon Tart but with a touch of tangy lemon and then the sweetness of the Passion Fruit, 

    Zingy Passion Fruit Tart Recipe

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    Battenberg Cake Recipe

    Battenburg Cake Recipe. Elaine Lemm

    Battenberg is such a cute cake to bake and serve at Easter, the colours reflect all the joy that Spring has finally arrived, making it something of a celebration as well as a delicious thing to eat. 

    Battenberg Cake Recipe

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    Baileys Chocolate Cup Cake Recipe

    Baileys Chocolate Cupcakes. Getty

     Easter treats for Grown-Ups only. These super little cupcakes have Easter all over them with the delicious chocolate cake, Irish but it is the icing on the cake quite literally which makes these a hands-off to the kids and the topping is laced with rIrishBaileys Cream liqueur. 

     Baileys Chocolate Cup Cake Recipe

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    Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Sponge Cake. Photo Elaine Lemm

    This delicious, easy to make chocolate cake will soon become a firm family favourite. The recipe comes originally from Kathleen Grant, a lovely lady who died many years ago and the recipe was found by her son Robin in her hand-written recipe book. 

    The Easiest of Chocolate Cake Recipe

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    Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe

    Traditional Bakewell Tart. Getty

    No chocolate in this one, simply lovely ground almonds topping thick raspberry jam in a rich shortcrust pastry base.All those fabulous ingredients make this a perfect tart with which to celebrate Easter. 

    Traditional Bakewell Tart Recipe