35 Recipes for a Traditional British Christmas Dinner

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    What is a Traditional British Christmas Dinner?

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    What is a traditional British Christmas Dinner?

    A Classic British Christmas Dinner Menu

    A Classic Christmas Dinner is the high point of the celebrations, a time to gather family or friends together and enjoy the best of British produce. Little has changed over centuries and the whole dinner is steeped in heritage and tradition.

    Yes we sit around wearing paper hats from Christmas Crackers with their silly jokes, and tacky gifts. Many still stop to listen to the Queen, and no Christmas is complete...MORE without a tray of dates, bowls of nuts and oranges - the first two are rarely eaten but are part of the traditions anyway.

    Food is the pivotal part of the day and on the following pages you will find 35 of the classic recipes for the dishes served on the day (or saved for Boxing Day).


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    Starters and Mains for Christmas Day

    Roast Goose Recipe
    Roast Goose Recipe. Photo © Getty Images

    Christmas Starters

    A Christmas dinner is hefty so starters, if you choose to have them, should be light and easy, simply a teaser for the food to come. Smoked Salmon, especially Scottish Smoked Salmon, is a favourite and can be served simply and easily without adding to the intense cooking required to get dinner on the table.

    Smoked Salmon with a Dill Mustard Sauce

    Or you may want to consider a quick and simple Prawn Cocktail always a popular Christmas food.

    Main Courses for Christmas Dinner

    There is...MORE always a roast for a British Christmas dinner. More often it is now a turkey, though traditionally it was always goose.

    8 Roasts for Christmas Dinner

    The roast is served with some or all of the following

    Pigs in a Blanket aka Sausages Wrapped in Bacon.

    Roast Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes

    Roast Parsnips

    Buttered Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts

    Braised Red Cabbage

    Bread Sauce and Cranberry Sauce

    And don't forget the gravy.


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    Desserts for Christmas Day

    English Trifle. Rob White - Getty


    No British Christmas is complete without a Christmas Pudding. served with a choice of Sauces for Christmas Pudding

    If you prefer a lighter dessert - or fancy more than one, after all it is Christmas - here are

    8 Alternative Christmas Puddings.

    Do not be afraid to make extra puddings, there is also Boxing Day to cater for,

    or you could try these.

    5 Cakes for Christmas and Boxing Day

    Thin About Food for Boxing Day - Nothing goes to waste.

    All the leftovers or extra fod you have made will not go...MORE to waste. In Britain Christmas is spread over two day as Boxing Day is also a holiday in the UK. It is a day for visiting family, but sdaly, some people are turnng their thoughts to shopping and the post Christmas sales. What a shame.