80 Great Recipes for Fun Party Shots and Shooters

Mix 'em up and Slam 'em Down

Colorful shots at bar
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Complete your party with a fun round of shots. These short drinks are packed with flavor and booze, making them a tasty way to get the party started. From the most popular shooters to shot recipes that are a little more obscure, there are many fun little drinks that you'll want to share with friends.

Is It a Shot or a Shooter?

Sometimes we say shot and sometimes we use the word shooter. Both tend to describe short, potent drinks that are served in shot glasses and drunk in one gulp, but is there a difference between the two?

Technically, yes, though they're often used interchangeably.

In bartending terms, the word shooter is used to describe short drinks that are a combination of spirits, liqueurs, and non-alcoholic mixers. On the other hand, shots only contain alcohol. With those definitions, we would say that a recipe like the Three Wise Men is a shot while the grasshopper is a shooter. It's little more than a technicality, but it is fun bar trivia.

Shot and Shooter Recipes

Shot and shooter recipes span almost every flavor profile you could imagine. Many are tasty little treats filled with sweet flavors like mint-chocolate or try to replicate candies and other goodies. Others are focused on giving you a good buzz and are packed with strong liquors. Still others are what we might call gag shots and you can interpret that either way you like.

One thing is certain: shots are meant to be fun. Go ahead and explore this collection and enjoy the experience of finding something new to drink.

You won't like all of them and that's okay. No one likes every drink they try and everyone's taste is different. The good news with shooters is that you don't have to sit there and pretend because the drink is gone in seconds.

While it should go without saying, drinking too many shots can cause you get you very drunk, often before you know it, and they're best in moderation.

Remember to drink responsibly and designate a driver.

  • Crouching Tiger - tequila, lychee liqueur
  • El Vocho - reposado tequila, pineapple juice, cilantro, mint, jalapeno
  • Fireball - rum, cinnamon schnapps, Tabasco sauce
  • Flaming Dr. Pepper - overproof rum, amaretto, beer
  • Fourth of July - vodka, blue curaçao, grenadine
  • Girl Scout Cookie - coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, peppermint schnapps
    • Dirty Girl Scout - add vodka
    • After Five - coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, peppermint schnapps
  • Gladiator - amaretto, Southern Comfort, 7-Up, orange juice
  • Grasshopper - crème de menthe, crème de cacao, light cream
  • Honey Dew Me - Barenjager, lemon liqueur, orange or pineapple juice
  • Irish Car Bomb - Irish whiskey, Irish cream liqueur, Guinness
  • Irish Flag - crème de menthe, Irish cream liqueur, orange liqueur
  • Irish Frog - Midori, Irish cream liqueur
  • Jäger Bomb - Jägermeister, Red Bull
  • Snowball - brandy, peppermint schnapps, white crème de cacao
  • Snowshoe - Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey, peppermint schnapps
  • Southern Joe - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Southern Comfort
  • Stoplight - vodka, melon liqueur, orange juice, cranberry juice
  • Tequila Shot (Straight) - tequila, salt, lemon or lime wedge
  • Tequila Slammer - tequila, lemon-lime soda
    • aka Tequilazo, Tequila Boom Boom, or Popper
  • Three Wise Men - Johnnie Walker Scotch, Jim Beam Bourbon, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
    • Three Wise Men Go Hunting - Johnnie Walker Scotch, Jim Beam Bourbon, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Wild Turkey Bourbon
    • Three Wise Men Visit Mexico - Johnnie Walker Scotch, Jim Beam Bourbon, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila
  • Tomahawk - amaretto, cinnamon schnapps
  • Tootsie Roll - vodka, coffee liqueur, orange juice
    • creme de cacao, orange juice
    • chocolate vodka, amaretto, chocolate syrup
  • Voodoo - overproof rum, Tia Maria, rum cream
  • Wake the Dead - tequila, coffee liqueur, espresso
  • Washington Apple - Canadian whiskey, sour apple schnapps, cranberry juice
  • Whiskey Sour Jelly Shot - whiskey, gelatin
  • Wolf Bite - absinthe, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, soda, grenadine
  • Woo Woo - vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice