Recipes for Spring

Spring is my second favorite season (after fall, with its crisp weather and gorgeous colors). We Minnesotans emerge from our houses and our heavy coats, blinking slightly, to greet gorgeous blue skies and the brightest green you've ever seen.

With the warmer weather, it becomes hard to stay indoors. So eat on the porch, and use the foods of spring. Asparagus, lemon, strawberries, salmon, chicken, and shrimp are the foods I gravitate to this time of year. Yum.

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    Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara. Linda Larsen
    Pasta is on my menu all year round; the only thing that changes is the foods I combine with it. These beautiful recipes are all a bit lighter and fresher. You'll love them.
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    Roasted Lemon Chicken. Linda Larsen
    Spring and chicken go together like peanut butter and jelly. Actually, I've never really liked peanut butter and jelly; I think peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination. But that's off topic. Chicken pairs perfectly with the flavors of spring, including lemon, asparagus, peas, and thyme.
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    Chicken Melon Salad. Linda Larsen
    The fruits of spring, such as strawberries, lemon, melons, and rhubarb, are so luscious and such a treat after heavy winter recipes. Use them in appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, salads, and breads. Yum.
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    Easy Strawberry Shortcake. Linda Larsen
    I think strawberries are the perfect fruit. They're gorgeous to look at, and have the most wonderful sweet and sour taste. And they pair so well with so many foods. You can use them in appetizers, main dishes, salads, sandwiches, pasta salads, and dessert. Enjoy.
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    Blueberry Muffin. Linda Larsen
    Welcome spring with a weekend's worth of menus that celebrate the season. These easy and delicious recipes are perfect for a lazy weekend. Asparagus Pesto Frittata and Blueberry Muffins are the perfect breakfast, and Pork Chops with Melon is a wonderful recipe with a fresh new taste.
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    Lemon Angel Food Dessert. Linda Larsen
    Spring desserts use lemon, raspberries, strawberries, and other wonderful seasonal ingredients to make some of the best treats ever. These recipes are perfect for Easter.
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    Baked Ham Risotto
    Crockpot Risotto. Linda Larsen

    Yes, I use my crockpot all year round; you should too! It makes the house warm and comforting during the cold months, and saves energy and keeps the kitchen cool in the spring and summer. these recipes are a bit lighter. And the crockpot is a great way to cook your Easter ham.

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    Lemon Bars. Linda Larsen
    Lemons evoke spring. Even in the dead of winter, a sniff of lemon can make you feel like it's sunshiny and warm outside. These desserts celebrate this versatile fruit in wonderful ways. I love Lemon Crumble Bars, My Sister's Lemon Meringue Pie, and Lemon Truffle Pie.
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    Grilled Asparagus
    Grilled Asparagus. Grilled Asparagus
    When I see asparagus in the grocery store, I know spring is near. I love those sweet and slightly sour spears and use them in as many ways as I can.