Recycled Bath Sinks: Green, Gorgeous & Unique

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    Recycled Bath Sinks: Green, Gorgeous & Unique

    Native Trails recycled copper bath lav with hand-hammered patina
    Recycled copper sink with hand-hammered patina, crafted by Native Trails. Photo © Heidi Long, Longviews Studios; Design by Sue White Heinz, White Designs

    Buying a new bath sink is probably not on your bucket list of exciting life events. After all, the standard-issue white ceramic basin is hardly a spine tingler.

    If you're like many of today's buyers, you're looking for better choices to bring into your home than that plain white basin. That means not only beautiful design and high quality, but eco-friendly materials and manufacturing. All great reasons for checking out some of the stunning bath sinks on the market that have been...MORE ingeniously crafted from recycled and salvaged vintage materials:

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    Recycled Copper

    Recycled copper vessel sink by Premium Copper Products. Photo © Premier Copper Products
    Copper's burnished glow provides a warm complement to a Southwestern, Tuscan or Early American-style bath. It's a highly durable material as well, with antimicrobial properties that make it a natural choice for a bathroom lav. Opting for a recycled copper sink pays additional dividends: it's not only eco-friendly, but a work of art crafted by time and talented artisans. Pieces by manufacturers such as Native Trails and Premier Copper Products are handmade from recycled plumbing and...MORE electrical materials, and often reflect the nicks and markings of age. You'll pay about twice as much for recycled copper as you would for a standard copper sink, but it's a one-of-a-kind purchase you'll enjoy for a lifetime.
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    Recycled Bronze

    Bronze vessel bath sink by Sun Valley Bronze
    Sun Valley Bronze vessel bath sink. Photo © Sun Valley Bronze

    Durable and ancient in origin, bronze is soft-spoken in its beauty; its low luster takes a step back to allow surrounding design elements to shout for attention. A hugely popular choice for faucets and fixtures, the term "bronze" is often used to describe a color rather than the authentic metal, which is technically a mixture of copper and tin. Genuine bronze is prized for its "living finish," which continues to develop over time. Not surprisingly, you'll pay a premium for...MORE this aged patina.

    Apart from its aesthetic value, a recycled bronze sink is designed for non-obsolescence from the start. Forward-thinking manufacturers such as Portland-based Eleek, Inc., craft bronze and other types of metal sinks from scrap metals sourced at a nearby re-use center. You'll find a similar commitment to sustainable practices — as well as traditionally beautiful sink designs — at Sun Valley Bronze, a family-owned company in Hailey, Idaho that produces handcrafted bronze hardware and fixtures.

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    Recycled Glass

    "Shibui" 100-percent recycled glass vessel sink by GleenGlass
    GleenGlass Shibui vessel sink made from 100-percent recycled glass. Photo © GleenGlass

    A glass sink adds light and liquid elements that naturally complement contemporary and Asian bath designs. Recycled glass sinks — sourced from old bottles, windows, car windshields and construction sites — are usually mixed with concrete and other materials for added durability and a nearly endless array of colors, patterns and textures. However, a company called GleenGlass claims to be the sole North American fabricator of sinks and countertops made entirely of recycled glass.

    Not surprisingly,...MORE durability is one issue you'll need to address with any glass sink, since you'll want a quality product that resists chipping, cracking and scratching. As for price, you'll find that glass falls in the middle range, depending on the size, quality and strength you choose.

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    Glass Bottle Sink With LED

    recycled sink bottles LED
    Design using recycled bottle glass set in resin, which is lit up underneath with LED lighting. Keir Townsend

    This unique design was made using bottle glass. The shards are set in semi-transparent resin, and a LED light is added for a modern glow. This sink was custom-made for the clients of Keir Townsend, via Houzz, but it can give you an idea of the possibilities using any kind of material. In this case, the style is contemporary yet glam, with the original crystal-like fixtures that add to the light reflection theme of the sink area. 

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    Salvaged Vintage Sinks

    Turn-of-the-20th-century porcelain sink with marble countertop available at This Old Tub and Sink. Photo © This Old Tub and Sink

    Finally, if you cherish turn-of-the-century design, why buy a new sink that only approximates that vintage look? You'll find a rich supply of old fixtures at architectural salvage companies and sites like ReStore and Digger's List that are just waiting for a new home. And with prices starting at $50 (compared to new designer look-alikes costing thousands), you'll be saving money as you shrink your carbon footprint. For example, a recent online search turned up an early 20th-century...MORE marble-top sink with its original basin and faucets for $395. If the surface of your salvaged sink is scratched or has lost its original luster, a refinisher can bring it back to life — just make sure to request a low-VOC product.