Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids

How to Make Christmas Crafts using Trash

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    Advent Collage Recycled Christmas Craft
    You can download my printable template and use catalogs and magazines to make personalized advent calendars for every family member.
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    Advent TP Christmas Tree

    Advent TP Recycled Christmas Craft
    Follow these instructions and learn how to make a tree shaped advent calendar using pieces cut from toilet paper rolls.
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    Bottle Snow Woman

    Bottle and Sock Snow Woman Recycled Christmas Craft
    A visitor named Anneliese made this cute snow gal out of an empty bottle and a sock.
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    Buttons the Snowman

    Buttons the Snowman Craft
    Check out this fun snowman a visitor named Carol made using several bowls and buttons.
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    Candy Christmas House

    Candy Christmas House Craft
    Check out this sweet house made and shared by Laurel. For the base of this candy house she used cocoa and cracker boxes.
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    CD Photo Ornament

    CD Photo Ornament Recycled Christmas Craft
    Learn how to combine a CD and a photo to make a personalized ornament.
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    Christmas Tree Light Reindeer

    Christmas Tree Light Reindeer Ornament Recycled Christmas Craft
    The Guide to DIY Fashion shared these directions for making cute ornaments out of burnt out lights.
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    Crocheted Greeting Card Bowl
    Use these directions shared by Edith to learn how to recycle Christmas cards into bowls.
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    Egg Carton Bell Craft

    Egg Carton Bell Recycled Christmas Craft
    You can craft a dozen silver bell ornaments using one egg carton.
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    Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft
    A visitor named Micheline shows us how to craft a Christmas tree you can hang on your wall.
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    Festive Pringles Containers
    Use these fun and festive containers to give small treats or cookies to someone special.
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    Grinch in Chimney Ornament

    Grinch in Chimney Ornament Recycled Christmas Craft
    Recycle an empty pill bottle or a film container into a cute Grinch ornament.
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    Happy Meal Gingerbread House Craft
    The next time you get a kids meal at a fast food restaurant that comes in a box, save it and make one of these.
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    Hot Chocolate in a Jar Craft
    If you have a stockpile of baby food jars, make one or more of these tasty gifts.
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    Hot Cocoa Delight
    Learn how to recycle a cream container into a cute way to hold hot cocoa mix.
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    Light Bulb Grinch Craft
    A visitor named Sheri explains how you can make a Grinch ornament out of a light bulb.
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    Light Bulb Reindeer Recycled Christmas Craft
    Discover how easy it is to transform an old light bulb into a reindeer ornament.
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    Light Bulb Santa Craft
    This adorable Santa is made by covering a light bulb with paper mache and then decorating it.
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    Light Bulb Snowman

    Light Bulb Snowman Craft
    Learn how to make a snowman that will certainly make everyone smile when you hang it in your tree.
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    Max the Dog Ornament

    Max the Dog Ornament Craft
    This cute little dog, made from a paper bag, will be happy to hang on your tree.
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    Noodle Frame Ornament Craft
    Learn how to make a frame that can be used as an ornament or even be given as a gift.
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    Paper Towel Roll Snowman

    Paper Towel Roll Snowman Craft
    Learn how to make a snowman using a paper towel roll and then you can even make snow kids using toilet paper rolls.
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    Pine Cone Angel Craft

    Pine Cone Angel Craft
    This tutorial explains how to turn and ordinary pine cone into a lovely angel.
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    Pine Cone Snowman Craft
    Use a pine cone as a base to make a cute snowman. You can use the supplies I suggest or you can make up your own.
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    Pine Cone Tree Ornament Craft

    Pine Cone Tree Ornament Craft
    Decorate your house and even your tree by decorating pine cones to look like Christmas trees.
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    Pine Cone Wreath

    Pine Cone Wreath Craft
    Learn how to build a wreath using several pine cones. Mine is a small wreath, but y can make one much large if you like.
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    Puzzle Piece Candy Cane Ornament
    You can use old puzzle pieces to make a variety of decorations you can uses ornaments, gift toppers, or even gifts.
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    Instructions to make an Angel using a Toilet tissue roll.
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    Reindeer Candy Holder Craft
    Recycle a baby food jar, or any container, into a cute reindeer craft.
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    Rock Candy Craft
    You can fill a holiday candy dish with several of these cute candies that are made out of small rocks.
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    Santa Sleigh and Pine Cone Reindeer

    Recycled Santa Sleigh and Pine Cone Reindeer Craft
    A visitor named Laurel explains how she made this unique Christmas decoration.
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    Santa's Sleigh Craft
    Follow these instructions share by Teresa and learn how you can make this miniature sleigh using a laundry detergent scoop.
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    Simple Cardboard Ornaments

    Simple Cardboard Ornaments
    Download patterns and use them to make simple ornaments using household boxes.
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    Instructions to make simple, colorful pine cone Christmas tree ornament, shared by Clare.
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    Snowman Candy Jar

    Snowman Candy Jar Craft
    Use these instructions and you can make an adorable candle holder out of an old jar.
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    Light Bulb Snowman Face Craft
    Craft this cute snowman using a light bulb, snow paint, a child's sock, on a few other supplies.
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    Sock Snowman Craft
    Your entire family will have fun making these snowmen using socks and rice.
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    Soda Pop Can Santa

    Soda Pop Can Santa Craft
    This tutorial teaches you how to make a Santa decoration out of a crushed aluminum can.
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    Syrup Bottle Angel Craft

    Syrup Bottle Angel Craft
    You may recognize this angel. A visitor named Connie made it out of an Aunt Jemima syrup bottle.
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    Toilet Paper Roll Drum Ornament

    Toilet Paper Roll Drum Ornament Craft
    Learn how to cover a toilet paper roll so it looks like a little drum.