Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments

24 Creative Projects

Go green at Christmas time and decorate your Christmas tree with recycled items. Find directions to make ornaments out of light bulbs, toilet paper rolls, CDs and other items. Kids of all ages will enjoy these crafts.

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    Puzzle Piece Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Puzzle Piece Ornaments.

    Browse through this collection of unique Christmas tree ornaments you can make using little more than old puzzle pieces. You can make Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflakes and many other designs.

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    Simple Cardboard Ornaments
    Simple Cardboard Ornaments.

    You can probably find everything to make these ornaments in your kitchen cupboards and your craft closet. Grab some cardboard that was headed to the recycling bin, scissors, and some paint and you are  on your way to making several different ornaments.

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    CD Photo Ornament Craft
    CD Photo Ornament Craft.

    This tutorial teaches you how to turn an old CD into a shiny ornament that features a picture of your favorite person or pet.

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    Christmas Tree Light Reindeer Ornament

    This fun recycling project was shared by Rain, the Spruce DIY Fashion Expert. Read through this instruction sheet and learn how to make an adorable reindeer out of a burned out Christmas light.

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    Clay Pot Christmas Bell Craft
    Discover how easy it is to create a fancy Christmas bell ornament out of an old clay flower pot.
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    Clothespin Angel Craft
    Clothespin Angel Craft.

    Learn how you can use old clothespins and a few craft supplies to make fun angel crafts. Here is a how-to video that shows you how to make a similar angel craft.

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    Clothespin Poinsettia
    Clothespin Poinsettia.

    This elegant poinsettia is made using a dozen old fashioned clothespins. All you need from your craft cupboard is some paint, glue, and some beads. These are wonderful ornaments, and you can use them to decorate packages or hang in the window.

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    Cristy's Pine Cone Angel Craft
    Cristy's Pine Cone Angel Craft.

    This pine cone angel has a wonderful natural feel. It's so easy to make that you can craft several in one sitting.

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    Grinch in Chimney Ornament
    Grinch in Chimney Ornament.

    Follow these instructions and transform an empty film container or pill bottle into a cool Grinch ornament.

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    Light Bulb Penguin
    Light Bulb Penguin.

    This adorable penguin ornament is sporting a fancy, red stocking hat. Learn how to make the hat along with the entire penguin with this tutorial.

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    Light Bulb Reindeer Craft
    Light Bulb Reindeer Craft.

    Coat a burned out light bulb with a few layers of paper mache to create this cute reindeer ornament.

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    Light Bulb Santa Craft
    Light Bulb Santa Craft.
    No Christmas would be complete without Santa and no Christmas tree would be complete without this Santa ornament.
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    Light Bulb Snowman
    Light Bulb Snowman.

    This roly-poly snowman will look perfect hanging from a branch on your Christmas tree or anywhere else.

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    Light Bulb Snowman Face Craft
    Light Bulb Snowman Face Craft.
    You won't believe how easy it is to add the texture to this paper mached snowman's face.
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    Max the Dog Ornament Craft
    Max the Dog Ornament Craft.
    Learn how you can use a paper bag to make this adorable Christmas tree ornament that looks like the Grinch's dog, Max.
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    Mini Domed Ornament Craft

    Mini Domed Ornament Craft
    Mini Domed Ornament Craft.

    Follow these instructions and learn how you can turn a plastic knee-high stocking or gumball machine container into a great Christmas tree ornament.

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    Mouse in a Cup Craft
    Mouse in a Cup Craft.
    These direction explain how you can use a medicine cup and some pom-poms or cotton balls to make a tiny mouse that is perched in a cup.
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    Photo Ornament Craft
    Photo Ornament Craft.
    Watch this craft video and learn how to make a couple different Christmas tree ornaments using photos.
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    Pine Cone Angel Craft
    Pine Cone Angel Craft.
    Have every member of the family create their own heavenly angel using a pine cone and this tutorial.
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    Pine Cone Tree Ornament
    Pine Cone Tree Ornament.

    Discover how easy it is to dress up a pine cone to look like a miniature Christmas tree. Make a variety of these tiny trees to hang on your large tree.

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    Sand Paper Gingerbread Man Ornament Craft
    Sand Paper Gingerbread Man Ornament Craft.

    Download and print out the gingerbread man pattern or try out your own. The sandpaper used in this craft gives it a nice texture, plus it's perfect for scraping a cinnamon stick across to make your faux cookie smell sweet.

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    Simple Glitter Pine Cone Ornament
    Simple Glitter Pine Cone Ornament.

    Follow these instructions to make simple yet elegant pine cone Christmas tree ornaments. You can also watch this how-to video for another way to make a glitter pine cone.

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    Stained Glass Ornament Craft
    Stained Glass Ornament Craft. Sherri Osborn
    Recycle plastic cups by using markers and your oven to turn them into stained glass ornaments.
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    Toilet Paper Roll Drum Ornament
    Toilet Paper Roll Drum Ornament.
    This miniature drum is made using mainly half of a toilet paper roll and some felt. Thrown in some ribbon details and some drum sticks made out of toothpicks and your drum will be complete.