Are Red Hues Good or Bad Feng Shui in the Bedroom?

Understand more about the use of color in the bedroom

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Color is considered one of the easiest ways create good feng shui or a good flow of energy in your home. There are certain types of colors that are suggested to work best in some parts of the house.

Skin tones like white, beige, tan, and brown are considered the best colors for the bedroom. Meanwhile, the fire element colors of red, pink, and purple should not be used in large amounts in the bedroom. But, just because feng shui may suggest a certain color, if you feel strongly about another color in your bedroom, then go with your instinct.

Follow Your Instinct

Red and pink may not be the color a feng shui practitioner or home decorator would suggest for your bedroom, but when you feel love—be it a for a color, a place or a person—know that this "something" already has good feng shui for you. And by "good feng shui," that translates to good energy for you. Deep down, you have the ability to know what good or bad feng shui is for yourself. Your body has enormous wisdom that might not be easy to translate into words, specific rules, or guidelines.

If you absolutely love certain colors, it is excellent feng shui to surround yourself with these colors. Your attraction to specific colors means your body is getting energy nourishment from these colors, so it is good to follow your feelings.

Feng Shui and Color

If you do not feel strongly one way or another when it comes to color in your home or your rooms, then you might want to look at some suggested feng shui guidelines for your home.

Generally, choosing the right colors with feng shui takes a bit of time and calculation. You start with the colors that you most like and colors that work well with your planned feng shui decor scheme.

In feng shui, each color represents a specific feng shui earth element. For instance, red represents the fire element. A color can either bring strong energy or deplete and weaken the energy in specific areas of your home. You would need to familiarize yourself with the feng shui energy map of your home (the bagua) to understand how this works.

Also, a color can represent your own personal feng shui birth element, too. Energy-wise, some colors are a better feng shui choice for you than others.

Your Bedroom

In feng shui, there are specific guidelines for the choice of colors in your bedroom, because bedrooms are considered a very important place in feng shui—it is a place of rejuvenation, pleasure, and peace.

There is nothing wrong with adding splashes of excitement. You can bring in passionate feng shui energy (found in red, pink and purple colors) with small accessories and details, but, you might want to shy away from it as a wall color, furniture, or window treatments.

If you think that the colors you have in your room might work contrary to good feng shui, then you can take a look at a few things you can do to balance out your bedroom and give it good feng shui.

Some things you can do may include closing your en-suite bathroom door every night (if you have one), position your bed not directly in line with the bedroom door, limiting electronics in your room, and make sure you can access your bed from each side.

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