15 Ways to Use Red in Your Bedroom

red bedroom with ocean prints over the bed, white pattern headboard, dark wood bedside table

Kati Curtis Design / Instagram / Photographer: Brittany Ambridge

Red is a warm, vibrant color often thought of during the holiday season. Often, it feels too bold for some and is normally replaced for its color cousins—yellow and orange. However, it's a beautiful color option for bedrooms, especially if the color scheme is planned and used with a neutral or color complement. Whether you plan to use red as your main color option or an accent color, here are 15 gorgeous red bedrooms with tips on how to bring the shade into your decor.

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    Small Pops of Red

    bedroom with red accents

    Arbor & Co.

    Since the bedroom is typically known as a place to unwind, you may be uncertain about incorporating red, especially given its bold and energetic feel. Your ideal solution is to use small pops across the space, which will work especially well with a neutral backdrop. Whether it's by bringing in a rug, a few accent pillows, or even strategically placed books on your bedside table, you can still bring the color in without it feeling overwhelming.

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    Pair Red With Black

    bedroom with neutral color scheme, pops of red, starburst chandelier

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Red and black is a traditional color combination, which reminds us of classic race cars and 1950’s diners. This color combination has been made popular during the Art Deco era, which offered clean, polished finishes for products, artwork, and interiors. Another alternative when using this color duo is to use a hint of red and black along with other neutral colors. This color scheme is perfect for a more masculine look, but with the right decor is suitable for anyone.

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    Try a Red Headboard

    bedroom with red headboard and pillows, cornflower blue walls

    House 9 Interiors

    Another way is to use red within furniture or a headboard, like the one shown in this stunning bedroom. You can choose a solid version, or if you want to be more subtle, use a striped or patterned design. If you do decide to use a headboard in a color other than a neutral shade, you’ll need to be careful on how you accessories your bedding and room in the future, since you’ll be limited on certain colors or combinations. Given that red works well with plenty of styles, though, you don't have much to worry about.

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    Go for a Large Area Rug

    bed room with giant red paisley rug, white color scheme throughout

    Jessica Nelson Design

    If you're drawn to red tones but aren't sure if you want to commit for the long term, there are plenty of easy solutions you can work with. Rugs are always an ideal option, given their variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, and colors. You can add a dazzling area rug to add that splash of color you've been craving. If you decide to go a different direction in the future, you can simply switch it out; no harm, no foul.

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    Red Walls Paired With Painted Ceilings

    red bedroom with white and black pattern chair, red walls, mural on ceiling

    LA Designer Affair

    A bold color deserves decor and design that matches its level–so don't be afraid to add some additional flair. While you may not want to go overboard with different colors, you can still add neutral touches that are fun and stylish. This stunning room from LA Weddings & Interiors is a great example: the solid red walls are eye-catching, but glancing up at the neutral white and tan colored painted ceiling and its geometric pattern complement it well. The pops of yellow are also a delightful surprise and prove warm colors work well.

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    Working With Red, White, and Blue

    bedroom with pale blue walls, red and white pattern in nook containing a bed, modern red lamp

    Studio Peake

    It's no secret that red, white, and blue are a classic color palette. However, making it work in a bedroom can seem like a challenge if you're not going for a decidedly patriotic theme. Rather than sticking with brighter reds and darker blue, play around with different shades–this bedroom went with a light cornflower blue for the walls and a darker crimson shade for the lamp and accent pillow. Another tip is to invite patterns and plenty of texture in the decor to keep things from appearing dull.

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    Go Bold With Patterns

    red bedroom with mixed patterns

    Latham Interior Design

    The color red was made for daring design choices–so embrace them. If an eclectic style is more of your taste, try using patterned wallpaper for the walls as a starting point. You can feel free to add additional patterns that hold the same color scheme to till give a sense of unity. The stunning print of the bedspread and the decadent print on the rug all bring their own unique presence, yet don't overpower each other.

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    Glamorous and Sophisticated

    bedroom with red walls, red and white pattern ceiling, white fluffy blanket

    Jasmin Rees Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Michael Alan Kaskel

    You can take on a variety of styles using this bright hue–this bedroom designed by Jasmin Rees Interiors proves it. The solid red that bathes the walls is impactful on its own, but the added gold ornate photos frames and the white furry blanket add a stunning mix of drama and elegance. Pairing red with gold can elevate your space to the royal treatment.

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    Pair Red With Blue

    bedroom with blue and green wallpaper, red patten bedspread and pillows, red chair with solid blue pillow in corner

    Jasmin Rees Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Michael Alan Kaskel

    Red and blue often make a great team when it comes to decor–just take a look at primary color schemes. The two hues are versatile and have plenty of range anyone can work with. The perfect balance of warm and cool tones, these two can be arranged in any way you like. Try using blue for the walls, whether through paint or wallpaper, and red as the accent color using statement furniture, bedding, or other fabrics. The result is a cozy space full of life and color.

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    Embrace Unique Red Features

    child's bedroom with red houses on wallpaper, exposed red beams on ceiling

    Garrow K Designs / Instagram

    Red walls and rugs are a strong way to go when using the color in your decorating decisions, but you can opt to think outside the box as well. Look for unique features in your room, especially with the architecture, and determine whether you can add a vibrant dose of color. We love the wallpaper and many red features in this room from Garrow Kedigian Interior Design, but it's the red exposed wooden beams that truly set it apart.

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    A Classic Take on Red

    traditional colonial bedroom, red and blue floral pattern, fireplace in bedroom

    Barry Dixon / Instagram

    While this color is popular in modern styles, it can also work well with classic and traditional ones. The key is choosing very intentional decor for the space to set the tone. We love the way Barry Dixon combined the elegant red in the fabric of the canopy bed, the floral patterns, as well as the wide stripes in the wallpaper. The golden frame surrounding the oil painting over the fireplace radiates luxury and class–every detail is intentional and delightful.

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    Go Coastal and Comfortable

    red bedroom with ocean prints over the bed, white pattern headboard, dark wood bedside table

    Kati Curtis Design / Instagram / Photographer: Brittany Ambridge

    If you want to go for a relaxing vibe using the fiery hue, try going for a coastal theme. Red walls bring a strong burst of color, yet pairing with deeper blues and small touches of white help bring an air of tranquility. Prints reflecting the ideas of water or an ocean view can ultimately tie the whole space together.

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    Keep it Containted

    bedroom with red and pink colors against cream walls and wicker furniture

    Amy Morris Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Sargent Photo

    Rather than trying to use red throughout the entire room, you can also opt to keep red contained to one specific area or piece of furniture. A statement piece of furniture can work wonders in this situation, functioning as art as well as something functional. We love how Amy Morris Interiors designed the space with a focus on the bed and its red and pink canopy. The red touches on the bedspread are a lovely addition and create a warm and cozy environment destined to appease the eye while also promoting relaxation.

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    Try Out a Red Gallery Wall

    boy's bedroom with red bedsheets, medium wood tone headboard, white walls, gallery wall of red frames above bed

    Amy Morris Interiors / Instagram / Photographer: Erica George Dines

    Gallery walls have become a creative decor staple in many homes, and bedrooms are no exception. Rather than sticking with traditional black or brown frames, though, why not go for a burst of color instead? Using frames can work as a subtle nod to the vibrant hue while also drawing attention to the curated pieces you've chosen.

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    Try a Darker Version

    bed with maroon decorative touches

    Studio Peake

    If brighter cherry and candy apple reds aren't quite your style, then try looking towards deeper versions, like maroon or burgundy. These tones often add a level of sophistication to a room and are exceptionally easy to work with. Small touches through throw pillows, patterns on a headboard, or woven decor items are simple yet effective ways to add darker red hues.