Bring Your 'Bridgerton' Obsession Home With the Regencycore Trend

The Spruce / Hilary Allison

After spending a day binge watching Bridgerton, a series from Shondaland on Netflix, I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants a little bit of recengycore decor incorporated into their lives. 63 million households have tuned into this captivating show and are in luck that it is confirmed for a second season. If you haven't watched the show, there are no spoilers here but be warned: After watching eight straight hours of Bridgerton you may develop a slight French accent and the desire to mimic the palatial homes featured. 

From the luxe fabrics, ornate patterns and regal finishes that grace the Bridgerton and Featherston homes it’s time to turn our regular homes into regal palaces. To embrace the regencycore style, look for flowing drapery; elegant chandeliers; a color combination of blues and pinks and citrus hues of green; antique mirrors; and high society bed frames. 

What is regencycore?

Regencycore is an aesthetic or trend based on silhouettes and signature pieces from the United Kingdom’s Regency era, which ran from approximately 1811 to 1820. The era was marked by years of elegance and achievements in fine arts and architecture. The era was defined by great cultural, political and economic change.

If you want to be the next talk of Lady Whistledown’s reports for your high-society style, you’ll want to spruce up your home with Bridgerton-inspired pieces. When looking for decor to mimic the Bridgerton house, look for pieces with pale blues, cream, and subdued golds. If you’re more into the vibes of The Featheringtons, go for the green color scheme. Here are our 15 favorite regencycore pieces for home.