How to Make Your Closet Look Like a Boutique

boutique closet

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Every fashion-forward person dreams of an ultra-glam closet in which to display their favorite duds, shoes, and accessories. And who says this dream can't become a reality? If you're in the process of renovating or restyling a closet in your own home, take the following nine steps into consideration to help the space appear extra fancy and boutique-like. It turns out that a smart use of space, a thoughtful attention to detail, and an A-plus organization strategy will go a long way when it comes to the closet area.

1. Install a Shoe Wall

shoe shelf wall

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Your precious footwear shouldn't hide inside a bin or basket. Allow your favorite shoes to really shine by placing them on an expansive wall shelf (or several, if your collection is large!). Not only does this type of arrangement look aesthetically pleasing, it also helps shoes retain their shape and ensures that any pair that you need is within site at all times. After all, there's nothing worse than rummaging through a large shoe bin looking for that missing left boot while trying to rush out the door.

2. Incorporate an Island

If your walk-in closet has space for an island, you're in luck. This is an excellent way to maximize storage and add valuable counter space to your getting ready area. Large drawers make for useful t-shirt, scarf, or tie storage while appearing nice and sleek.

black closet island

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3. Add Glam Lighting

Your closet should be equipped with sufficient lighting so that you can easily see all of your clothes and accessories, no matter the time of day. Select a fixture that plays to your personality if you wish, whether that means opting for a glimmering chandelier or a mod pendant.

chandelier in closet

Michael Hunter for Kim Armstrong

4. Arrange Shoes by Color

Once your shoes are laid out on their fabulous new shelves, it's time to arrange them by color. Of course, you will want to keep similar types together (here, tall boots line the bottom shelf), but sorting shoes by their shade will make for an artful display and allow this open wall to appear a bit tidier.

shoes sorted by color

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5. Hang Some Art

We've all visited certain boutiques just because their adorable interiors stopped us in our tracks on the sidewalk. Make your own closet feel like an Instagrammable downtown spot by hanging up some artwork that will add some cheer to your every day. There's no need to worry about being ultra fancy or frilly—select pieces that will make you happy; it's more than ok to hang prints that are a little over the top.

barbie print in closet

Allie Provost for Amy Littleson

6. Opt for Acrylic Storage

Acrylic storage has the duel benefit of appearing super luxe and being see-through, making it easy to grab daily essentials in a hurry. Placing smaller items such as sunglasses, earrings, and watches in clear containers will make them appear important, like they're part of a store display, and can be a fun way to show off a special collection of items that represent your aesthetic.

acrylic sunglasses storage

Allie Provost for Amy Littleson

7. Style a Plant

Your favorite store is always decorated to the nines with no detail left unnoticed. So why not replicate this atmosphere in your closet? Breathe some fresh life into your closet with the addition of a plant. Of course, unless your closet features windows, faux is most likely the most practical route to go.

plant in closet

Nathan Shroder for Maestri Studio

8. Add a Mannequin

What's more boutique-like and glam than a mannequin? These pieces add so much whimsy to any home closet. Even if you purchase a vintage figure that doesn't reflect your measurements, have no fear. These pieces make for a fun way to display necklaces, broaches, scarves, and other accessories all while showcasing your love of all things fashion.

decorative mannequin in closet

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9. Set Up a Vanity Station

Being able to put on your best threads and do your hair and makeup all in one room? Now that's what we call a win, win, win! If your closet is truly spacious and can fit a vanity nook, by all means, add one. It will make your getting ready routine much more streamlined and makes it fun to get glam with friends, too.

vanity in closet

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