Chart: Remodel It Myself or Hire a Pro?

Wall with Open Studs 1500 x 1000
CC-Licensed; Flickr user Erin Kinney

Hopefully, you have already considered some aspects of whether or not you want to take on home renovation projects yourself or hire a professional.

Now we get down to the details. None of these recommendations are set in stone. In fact, a few of them reflect our own bias. For instance, we have no problem doing minor electrical work and so we recommend that you do it yourself. But some homeowners fear touching anything electrical and don't even want to do something as simple as changing out an outlet.

So, adapt these recommendations as you wish.

ProjectDo It YourselfHire a ProEither Way
AdditionsDesign, Build-X-
Ceramic/Stone tile—Install--X
Demolition—Walls, Ceiling--X
Flooring, LaminateInstallX--
Flooring, Solid HardwoodInstall-X-
Foundation Work-X-
Insulate Closed Walls (Blown In)-X-
Insulate Open WallsX--
Kitchen Cabinets—Hang--X
Minor Electrical WorkX--
Pre-Hung door—Install--X
Retaining Wall, Exterior—Build-X-
Re-wire Entire Room--X
Shower, Pre-Fab UnitInstallX--
Shower, Tiled—Install-X-
Siding, Fiber-Cement (Whole House)Install-X-
Siding, Vinyl (Whole House)Install-X-
Vinyl Floor Tile—InstallX--
Window Replacement-X-