Chart: Remodel It Myself or Hire a Pro?

Wall with Open Studs 1500 x 1000
Wall With Open Studs. CC-Licensed; Flickr user Erin Kinney

Hopefully, you have already considered some aspects of whether or not you want to take on home renovation projects yourself or hire a professional.

Now we get down to the details.  None of these recommendations are set in stone.  In fact, a few of them reflect my own bias.  For instance, I have no problem doing minor electrical work and so I recommend that you do it yourself.  But some homeowners fear touching anything electrical and don't even want to do something as simple as changing out an outlet.

  So, ​adapt these recommendations as you wish.

ProjectDo It YourselfHire a ProEither Way
Additions--Design, Build-X-
Ceramic/Stone tile--Install--X
Demolition--Walls, Ceiling--X
Flooring, Laminate--InstallX--
Flooring, Solid Hardwood--Install-X-
Foundation Work-X-
Insulate Closed Walls (Blown In)-X-
Insulate Open WallsX--
Kitchen Cabinets--Hang--X
Minor Electrical WorkX--
Pre-Hung door--Install--X
Retaining Wall, Exterior--Build-X-
Re-wire Entire Room--X
Shower, Pre-Fab Unit--InstallX--
Shower, Tiled--Install-X-
Siding, Fiber-Cement (Whole House)--Install-X-
Siding, Vinyl (Whole House)--Install-X-
Vinyl Floor Tile--InstallX--
Window Replacement-X-