Rental Rehab: 13 Removable Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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    Temporary Kitchen Backsplashes for Renters

    Just because you rent, doesn't mean you can't refresh your outdated kitchen. Sure, ripping out the floor or cabinets may land you in housing court. But there are other ways you can spice up your space without violating your lease. For instance, here are 13 removable backsplash projects that won't put your security deposit at risk.

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    Fake a Herringbone Backsplash

    This eye-popping herringbone backsplash was created using a Sharpie oil-based paint marker. The keen DIY'er behind this project traced a piece of subway tile (over and over) to create the repeating tile pattern.

    There's more to know about this rental kitchen makeover at Classy Clutter.

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    Tile Decals

    Give an old tile backsplash or boring blank wall a fresh and stylish new look with removable, tile stickers. Options made of nonporous vinyl are a cinch to wipe clean. To apply each decal just peel and stick. 

    A pack of 32 square, tile decals starts at $29.95 at Quadro Style.

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    Removable Fabric Backsplash

    If your kitchen backsplash is nothing more than boring drywall, you can dress it up with upholstery fabric and acrylic sheeting.

    After cutting both materials to fit between your countertop and cabinets, soak the fabric in a mixture of one part decoupage glue to two parts water and then gently wring out. Using a wallpaper squeegee to smooth out creases and wrinkles, adhere the front side of the wet fabric to the back of the acrylic sheet. Let dry. Next, attach your new backsplash to the wall using...MORE double stick tape.

    See more photos of this kitchen at Alvhem

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    Reclaimed Wood Backsplash

    Give your kitchen a dash of rustic charm using reclaimed wood. Before installing, apply three coats of water resistant sealer to the planks. Once dry, adhere each board to the wall using removable, adhesive putty. 

    See the entire kitchen remodel at My DIY Nest.

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    Removable Tile Backsplash

    Need a removable backsplash solution that can handle nasty food splatters? Hang a wood board covered with real tile (these geometric were a steal at 50 cents each).

    Removable, real tile backsplash DIY by Food 52. 

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    One-of-a-Kind Wallpaper Backsplash


    Add a bold pattern to your rental kitchen by creating a one-of-a-kind backsplash using vinyl wallpaper scraps.

    See how you can turn peel and stick wallpaper into tile decals at Spoonflower.

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    Contact Paper Backsplash

    If you have ninja like scissors skills, you can create any tile shape you fancy with contact paper.

    Find the stencil tutorial at Walking With Dancers.

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    Faux Subway Tile Backsplash

    If you love the look of subway tile, expect to pay up to $12 per square foot to install the real thing — or you can fake it for a lot less using black and white paint as shown.

    Faux painted subway tile backsplash tutorial by Sweet Parrish Place

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    Scrapbook Kitchen Backsplash

    You can fake the look of colorful tile for less than $20 using heavyweight scrapbook paper. To do, apply each sheet one at a time using a water resistant decoupage glue and sealer such as Mod Podge Outdoor. When it's time to remove your creation, spray it down with water to make peeling off easier.

    Mod Podge backsplash by Art Bead Scene.

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    Make a Shiplap Backsplash

    Love shiplap? This ideas share how to get the look on the cheap with temporary peel and stick floor planks. 

    Get the shiplap backsplash tutorial by All Things With Purpose.

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    Peel and Stick Tiles

    So you love glass mosaic backsplashes, but your landlord won't let you install one in your rental. No problem! The backsplash above was created using a product called Smart Tiles. While it looks like the real deal, it's easy to remove vinyl.

    See how easy this stuff is to install at Thrifty Crafty Girl. 

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    Chalkboard Paint Backsplash

    All you need is a blank wall and chalkboard paint to create a kitchen backsplash perfect for jotting down grocery lists.

    Get all the DIY details at Brooklyn Homemaker.

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    Stainless Contact Paper

    Need a quick fix for a hideous tile backsplash? Stainless steel contact paper will conceal ugly stat.

    Get the tutorial at Burlap and Denim.