How to Remove Baseboard Radiator Covers

Get Access to Your Heating Grills for a Deep Clean

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Nalidsa Sukprasert / Getty Images

Step 1: Safety First

If you have baseboard radiators in your home, you should know that dirt and dust love to hide behind them. Here's how to take off the baseboard covers so you can give your radiator grills a good cleaning.

The first thing you need to do is slide off the cap on each end of the baseboard as shown in the image above. FYI: some radiators tend to have sharp edges. Wearing a pair of work gloves will keep your digits protected. Also, if you are allergic to house dust, do yourself a favor and wear a dust mask.

Step 2: If Necessary, Tap the Caps

If the end cap is "stuck," you can tap it gently until it loosens using a rubber mallet or the butt end of a wood handle hammer as depicted here. Once the first cap is off, you can remove the second cap that's keeping your baseboard cover in place on the opposite end.

Step 3: Lift the Cover

Once the end caps are off on each side, you'll need to lift the baseboard off the hooks that secure it in place. There will be three hooks on each baseboard radiator: The first and second will be on each end, and the third is located right smack in the middle. The photo here shows a hook under our baseboard cover. Keep in mind, your hooks may look very different.

To lift the cover entirely off each radiator grill, you'll need to push up on the bottom hook (as shown on the right) with one hand while lifting the cover off with the other. If there's another adult in the house, call one so they can help you with this tricky task.

Once the cover has been released from one hook, move on to the next one. FYI, as we mentioned earlier, you may find a disgusting dusty mess behind your baseboard radiator covers.