Removing Pencil Stains in a Few Simple Steps

A close-up of a messy pencil

Pexels/Pixabay/Public Domain

Have you ever noticed pencil marks and stains on your clothes? Although pencils are typically used on paper, it's not that surprising to find occasional pencil stains on your laundry. What's much more surprising is how easily pencil stains can be to remove. Removing it from washable fabrics such as cotton, linen or polyester can be as simple as using a softer eraser to get rid of the stain, as long as you are being cautious as not to ruin the fabric you're working with.

What You Need

First, let's talk about what you'll need to remove pencil marks and stains. Easy enough, just a pencil eraser and a stain remover stick, gel or spray will do. If you want to get fancy, having a dry spotter and an absorbent pad will help assist in the stain removal process.

Choosing the Right Pencil Eraser

Before you have any issues removing pencil marks and pencil stains, please note that some pencil stains can be removed by using different erasers. Gently applying a solid pink eraser brick may work better than the little pink eraser you will find on the back of a pencil. The smaller erasers on the back of pencils often smear graphite and other materials around, so using a larger, clean, high-quality eraser may help you remove pencil stains from your clothing. Lastly, if you find that the solid pink eraser brick does not work, you can try using a gray or white eraser to remove pencil marks and stains from your clothing.

How Do You Remove Pencil Marks and Stains?

  1. Erase the pencil stains. Use a pencil eraser on the stained area on your laundry. Often a few gentle passes with an eraser is enough to remove the marks from clothing. Like we mentioned previously, be mindful of the fabric when erasing pencil stains so that you do not ruin the material in the process.
  2. Apply a stain stick, gel, or remover to the pencil stain. Use your preferred stain remover and apply it to the stained area. Be sure to follow the instructions for the stain remover. For example, you may want to spray on a dry-cleaning solvent, apply a dry spotter to rub into the fabric, and cover the stain with a pad, prior to having the material stand for about thirty minutes. Alternatively, you can mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent (liquid preferred) with two cups of cool water to the sponge and blot the stain with until the liquid is absorbed. Although there are slightly varied ways to remove pencil marks and stains, it is possible to find a solution best for you based on the cleaning materials you already have in your home.
  1. Wash normally. Wash the clothing normally using the correct temperature setting for your fabric. Be sure to repeat the above steps if the stain remains before finally drying the stain stain-freeing.