How to Remove Toilet Rust Stains

Woman cleaning toilet
Andy Reynolds/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The toilet is the unsung work horse of our homes and needs occasional maintenance and cleaning. One type of cleaning needed may result from staining of rust in the water. This stain is one of the most difficult to clean if you use the wrong cleaning products.

Rust stains in the toilet, tub or sink can happen for a few reasons, but mainly they are caused from high iron content in the water. This problem is particularly common with well water systems.

Left unchecked, rust may etch itself into the porcelain. If that happens then removing the stain may be impossible so the best course of action is periodic cleaning.

Getting rid of rust stains from porcelain is made difficult if you use common household chlorine based scouring powders or regular toilet bowl cleaners.They work great for food stains but won't work for removing stains from rust or mineral deposits.

In the tutorial Removing Rust Stains From Toilets, Tubs and Sinks, I'll tell you about a several different products (like ZUD spray or pumice) and mechanical methods for ridding your porcelain of those unsightly rust stains.

In no time your toilet will be rid of unsightly and damaging rust stains. It will look cleaner and more sanitary and will be easier to maintain on a regular basis.