How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet: 3 Easy Methods

Remove stains with cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide

remove coffee stains from carpet

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Project Overview
  • Working Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 3 hrs, 15 mins
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $5 to $10

While the stain might look daunting, coffee can be removed from carpet in a few simple steps. You can even get old coffee stains out of carpet in many cases. Plus, you can use common household items, including vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, to remove coffee stains from carpet.

Carpet coffee stains lift best if you work quickly after the spill and blot up as much of the liquid as possible. Here's how to get out coffee stains from carpet.


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Stain type Plant-based, protein-based (with cream)
Detergent type Vinegar, dish soap
Water temperature Warm, cool

Before You Begin

An enzymatic cleaner or detergent is one of the best carpet cleaners for coffee stains with cream, as it will break down the protein in the cream and prevent unpleasant odors. Be sure to rinse the carpet and blot it dry before moving on to any other stain removal methods.

Be prepared for a little extra work if you have shag carpet. The longer the carpet fiber, the more difficult stain removal can be. For longer fibers, be sure to blot thoroughly and limit the amount of liquid you put into the carpet. Using a fan can help to dry the carpet completely.

Test any cleaning solution or stain remover on a hidden spot on your carpet to make sure it doesn't damage the color. You can also ask carpet manufacturers for recommendations.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Clean white cloths
  • Small container
  • Measuring utensils
  • Spoon
  • Vacuum


  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Baking soda


ingredients for coffee stain removal

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How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet With Vinegar

  1. Blot Up the Coffee

    Blot up as much of the coffee as possible using a clean white cloth. Press new clean sections of the cloth onto the stain until no more coffee transfers to the cloth. Always work from the outside of the stain to the middle to prevent spreading it.


    Do not scrub the carpet, which can damage the fibers and work in the stain. Instead, use a blotting or pressing motion without any back-and-forth movements.

    person blotting up coffee stain on carpet
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  2. Add Cold Water

    Pour a small amount of cold water onto the coffee stain to dilute it. Blot up all of the liquid using a new clean white cloth.

    You might need to repeat this process at least twice, depending on how much coffee landed on the carpet. Move on once little to no coffee transfers to the cloth.


    Don't oversaturate the carpet. You are trying to dilute the coffee but still be able to soak up the moisture with a cloth.

    person pouring cold water on carpet stain
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  3. Apply Your DIY Carpet Stain Remover

    Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar and 1 tablespoon dish soap with 2 cups of warm water in a small container or bowl. Stir the mixture well with a spoon.

    Then, dip a clean white cloth into the mixture, and blot it onto the coffee stain, working from the edges in toward the center. Continue to rewet the cloth with the DIY stain remover as needed, again taking care not to oversaturate the carpet. Work until you've fully lifted the stain.

    person applying stain remover to carpet
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  4. Rinse and Dry

    Using a fresh cloth, blot on some plain cool water to rinse the stain remover from the carpet. Then, using a dry cloth, blot the area until the carpet fibers are as dry as possible.

  5. Air-Dry and Vacuum

    Let the carpet air-dry completely, and then vacuum to lift any matted carpet fibers.

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out of Carpet With Hydrogen Peroxide

If you're wondering how to get coffee stains out of carpet without vinegar, there are some other household items you can use. For instance, many people use hydrogen peroxide for coffee stains on carpet. The method is quite similar to the vinegar and dish soap process.

  1. Blot Up Liquid

    Blot up as much liquid as possible with a clean white cloth.

  2. Mix Cleaning Solution

    Mix 1 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 teaspoon dish soap. Stir the mixture well with a spoon.

  3. Apply the Cleaning Solution

    Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and blot the DIY hydrogen peroxide cleaner on the carpet or upholstery. Allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes.


    It’s ideal to test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area first, as it might affect dyes on some carpets. Repeat as needed until the stain lifts.

  4. Rinse the Stained Area

    Rinse the area with a clean cloth dipped in plain water. Blot dry with a clean cloth. Rinse well as any residue left in the carpet will attract soil.

  5. Air-Dry and Vacuum

    Allow the carpet to air-dry completely and then vacuum to lift up the carpet's fibers.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet With Baking Soda

Baking soda also works on getting coffee stains out of carpet so it's helpful to know how to do this method in case you don't have any vinegar around, or decide you want to try this process instead.

  1. Blot Stain

    Blot up as much of the stain as possible with a clean dry cloth.

  2. Mix Cleaning Paste

    Mix 3 parts water to 1 part baking soda to form a paste. Stir the mixture well with a spoon. Blot the paste onto the carpet with a clean white cloth. Allow it to sit for around 20 minutes. Then vacuum up the dried paste.

  3. Check the Stain

    Check the stain and repeat the steps if the stain remains.

How to Remove Old Coffee Stains

Old coffee stains don't have to be permanent. Here's how you can get old and dried coffee stains out from carpet using vinegar and baking soda.

  • Blot the area with a white cloth dipped in warm water to help loosen the coffee. 
  • Follow the steps above to treat the stain using the vinegar-dish soap DIY carpet cleaner.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the area as the carpet air-dries. 
  • Once the carpet is dry, vacuum up the baking soda.

Additional Tips for Handling Coffee Stains

Coffee stains on wool rugs and wool blend carpets often require different care. Here's how to get coffee out of wool carpet:

  • Mix 3 drops of mild dish soap with 1 cup of water.
  • Sponge this solution onto the carpet.
  • Alternate blotting with a clean white cloth dipped in plain water and a dry cloth.
  • Let the carpet dry fully, and then vacuum to lift the fibers.

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