You Can Rent The Tiniest House in the World for Less Than $2 Per Night

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    This Pocket-Size House Measures One Square Meter

    Image courtesy of Airbnb

    If you're a tiny house fan who just happens to be in Berlin, you can stay in the teensiest house in the world for less than two bucks per night.

    That's if your butt can fit. 

    The pocket-sized space is one square meter (that's a scooch less than 11-square feet) and it's available for rent on Airbnb

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    You Can Rent the One SQM House on Airbnb

    Courtesy of Airbnb

    If you think this crash pad looks familiar, you're right. It's the One SQM House by Berlin-based architect and furniture designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel. The tiny abode was a part of a 2012 project that featured additional one square meter structures.

    The first person to rent this pint-sized crash pad was Christine McLaren (shown above.) She's a tiny house fan from Canada.

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    What You Need to Know Before Renting the One SQM House

    Courtesy of Airbnb

    The One SQM House provides just enough space for one person who is 5-foot-7 or shorter to stretch their legs. FYI, the Airbnb listing states that taller adults will feel pinched for space.

    While the rental is listed for $12 USD per night, the actual cost is one euro- that's around $1.12 USD. The posted amount is higher because of Airbnb’s 10 euros per night minimum.  If you rent this tiny place, you'll be paid back the difference in cash during their stay.

    Here are some of the amenities that come with your One SQM House stay:

    • A key to the tiny home
    • A mattress, but no blankets. The listing suggests you bring a sleeping bag
    • Access to the kitchen and bathrooms at a local hostel
    • Free Wi-Fi at BMW Guggenheim Lab

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    The One SQM House is a Wheelie Tiny Home

    Courtesy of Airbnb

    Here is what can make staying at the One SQM House loads of fun- it has a set of wheels. And the person who rents this pint-sized space is allowed to move it anywhere in Berlin during their stay. 

    Don't feel like pushing the teensiest abode in the world around town? You can set up camp in the architect's backyard. It's conveniently next door to the hostel where you can cook and shower. For more details visit Airbnb.