You Can Rent This Tiny Skinny House on Airbnb

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    This Tiny House is Super Skinny


    Compared to most tiny homes, the Bird House is a tall drink of water. It's a slender three-storey beauty built for two that features a single room on each level. We have the full skinny including how you can rent this small gem on Airbnb.

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    Bird House: Garage Conversion

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    The Bird House is a tiny vacation rental located Asheville, NC. We think it's the perfect getaway for those who are curious about the tiny house experience but aren't ready to make the commitment.

    Why is this dwelling so skinny? It was once a detached and modestly sized single car garage that dated back to the Roaring Twenties.  When the structured was converted into a tiny house, the owners built up instead of out.  The house has around 480 square feet of living space.

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    Bird House: Living Room

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    The itty bitty living room in this tiny house shares the first floor with the bathroom. The living room features two vintage inspired leopard print chairs, a petite ottoman and tiny cocktail table.

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    Bird House: Bedroom

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    The Bird House has two staircases. The front steps connect to the bedroom on the top floor. Inside there's a double-sized bed and dresser, and several nice amenities including a washer and dryer unit, flat screen TV, and DVD player.

    The home's second set of steps, a narrow spiral staircase, is located in a dark corner in the bedroom. It leads down to the home's lower level where there's an eat-in kitchen.

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    Bird House: Kitchen

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    The kitchen is super space efficient. The kitchen is stocked with appliances traditionally found in much larger homes including a full-sized fridge, gas oven, toaster oven, and microwave. There's also a cozy dining area for two and we love the rustic double front doors that replaced the original garage opening. 

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    Bird House: Rental Details.

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    The Bird House is a short block away from local hot spots including bars, restaurants, and yep a brewery. You can book this tiny skinny house on Airbnb for $175.00 per night. Please note, the minimum stay is two days. 

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