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ResidentShield is a service operated by Peak Insurance Advisors, LLC, a licensed insurance agent and a subsidiary of Yardi Systems, Inc, offering renter's insurance to consumers across the United States, underwritten by Praetorian Insurance Company.

Many renters don't have renter's insurance because they think insurance is only for people who own their homes, think their landlord's insurance policy will cover them, or they fear the premiums will be too expensive.

But without renter's insurance, you won't get compensated for any personal property damage you suffer, and you may be surprised at how little a policy costs.

Find out how you can get a renter's insurance policy quote quickly and easily from ResidentShield.

Get a No-Commitment Quote from ResidentShield

Here's how to proceed with getting the information you need about the cost and details of a renter's insurance policy from ResidentShield:

  • Step #1: Complete online quote form. Enter your ZIP code and your desired policy start date on this page to begin. On the next page, you can select the personal property coverage amount you prefer (from $10,000 through $40,000). You can also change the property deductible, which is the amount above which the insurance company will pay you for a loss (either $250 or $500). If you wish, you may also select additional coverages, including Water and Sewer Coverage (for possible loss from sewer/drainage problems) and Pet Coverage. You can also indicate that you would like your spouse or other adult roommates added to the policy.

    Tip: If you're not sure what to put down for the amount of personal property coverage you need, try ResidentShield's handy calculator tool. Just use the form to enter an estimated cost for all your belongings by category (such as furniture, clothing, and jewelry).
  • Step #2: Review and adjust coverages. After completing all the information in step #1, above, you'll get a quote for your 12-month policy premium, along with a complete explanation of what it covers. If you wish, you can click to go back a step to change the figures you selected. After making any adjustments or corrections, be sure to click the orange "Next" button to recalculate the quote.

    After You Get a Quote

    If you have done some comparison-shopping and you would like to proceed and purchase renter's insurance based on the quote, make sure the figures are what you want and then click the orange button to "Apply Online Now!" Provide your name, address, and contact number, as well as indicate the property type ("Apartment" or "Condo"). Read and sign off on the disclaimer, then answer some final questions about your policy on the next page. Finally, enter your billing information, including your choice of payment plan option (one-time payment or monthly payments) and finalize the transaction.

    Call an agent. As an alternative to using the online tool to get a quote, you can call to speak to a representative at 1-800-566-1186. Or, if you prefer to complete the online form but then proceed with your purchase over the phone, you may call the agent using the number mentioned, which also appears at the top of the screen. When calling, be sure to give the agent the details of your quote.