Renting a Booth: Antique Mall vs. Flea Market Booth

Which Type of Booth Is Right for You?

couple shopping at indoor flea market booth
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If you're ready to make the switch from secondhand shopper to secondhand seller, you may be considering antique mall and flea market booth ideas. There are common elements to both—low overhead, low start-up costs, and part-time commitment—but each booth type has its own unique advantages:

Flea Market Booths

  • You interact with customers in person, and you handle your own transactions. This can be a pro or con, depending on whether you enjoy talking to strangers.
  • You're on hand to negotiate the price in person, which is an advantage if you enjoy the haggling process—or if you're particularly skilled at it.
  • Customers have more incentive to make fast buying decisions than at businesses with regular retail hours. If they don't buy by the final day of the flea, they know there's a chance you and your merchandise might never be back.
  • Since you set up your booth each time the flea market opens, it's easy to keep it looking fresh. Shoppers won't assume they saw everything you had to offer on their last visit.
  • Flea markets typically open only on weekends, and sometimes only one weekend per month. Instead of shoppers trickling in at their leisure, they'll all have to come at once. You'll have bigger crowds competing for the same merchandise—and competition encourages people to buy before someone else swoops in to snatch the good stuff.

Antique Mall Booths (or Permanent Indoor Flea Market Booths)

  • You don't have to work the booth in person. You set it up and leave the antique mall cashiers to take care of transactions, which means your time is more flexible.
  • Since antique mall employees handle customer transactions for you, you have the weekends free to hunt for new merchandise to sell in your booth.
  • Fewer customers try to haggle when the owner of the merchandise isn't standing in front of them. Some shoppers will ask the antique mall employees if you'd be willing to take less. Depending on the antique mall's policy and your preferences, they might offer a predetermined percentage off or even call you to ask. Even so, you'll have far fewer discount requests than at an old-fashioned, in-person flea market.
  • Since your booth is permanent, you can arrange more elaborate merchandise displays than time permits in a weekend flea market booth.
  • You don't have to haul, unpack, set up, pack, and then haul everything away again each weekend.
  • You don't have to spend time talking to strangers, which is an advantage if you're quiet or shy by nature.
  • Your merchandise is protected in an indoor, climate-controlled environment
  • Because the goods stay in your booth at all times, you don't have to store things in your home and garage between flea markets.