Renting a Moving Truck - In Pictures

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    Where Are You Going? What Size of Truck Do You Need?

    moving truck

    The first step is to determine how far you're moving and what size of truck you need. Some rental agencies will charge a flat daily rate, including a determined amount of miles, while others will charge an inclusive rate. Know your mileage and size of truck you'll need before you start your research so you can shop around and compare prices.

    Remember, your truck should be large enough to accommodate 10-15% more than what you own. This is just to ensure you're going to have enough room. Too...MORE much room is better than too little.

    It's also a good idea to determine how long you'll need the truck (how many days), when you want to pick it up and whether it's a one-way or two-way move. Many companies charge a premium price for one-way moves; this is to cover the cost or retrieving the truck.

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    Get Some Estimates and Make a Reservation

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    Call at least 5 rental agencies to find the one that works for you. Remember that the cheapest agency isn't necessarily the best one for your move. Ask the company what is included in the price and if there are any discounts available depending on when you move. Saving money can sometimes be determined by when you move. And you never know until you ask!

    After deciding which company to use, go online or phone the agency at least two weeks before the move to reserve the truck. If you're moving...MORE in high season (June 15 to September 1), try to book sooner rather than later. High season means higher prices and more demand.

    Also, this is the time to book any additional tools you may need. This may include an extra trailer or towing equipment or moving dolly.

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    Questions the Rental Agency Might Ask

    Will You Be Moving a Boat?

    Whether you visit the agency in person or contact them by telephone, they will probably ask you some details about your move. One question will be when (date and time) that you'll pick up the vehicle and what your starting point and destination will be. They'll also want to know what time you'll be returning the vehicle.

    Some agencies may even ask what you'll be moving. Give them a general idea of your move ("I'm moving a 3-bedroom home") and also tell them about any unusual...MORE items, such as a piano or boat. This will help the agency advise you on any additional tools that might help make your move go more smoothly.

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    What You'll Need On Pick-up Day

    Credit Card

    On pick-up day you'll need to take some documents with you. This should include a valid driver's license and a major credit card.

    Also, check with your credit card company or auto insurance or home insurance to see if you already have enough insurance. If you do have auto rental insurance, take the necessary documentation with you as proof of coverage.

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    If You Don't Have Insurance...

    Written Insurance

    The rental agency will provide vehicle insurance for usually a small fee per day. Also, ask about coverage for your goods. Some rental agencies will offer damage and/or limited/total loss insurance. Ask if the agency offers assessed value insurance which can replace your items should an accident or loss occur. Carefully read and ask questions of each insurance option then choose what will work best for you. If you're not moving far and don't have any valuables, a general insurance may be...MORE enough.

    Also, check with your household insurance agency to see if your move is covered by them. This again may be enough coverage for your particular move.

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    What Other Tools Do You Need?

    Moving Blankets

    When you pick-up your truck, take a look at the other tools that are available for rent. Moving pads or blankets are a great and easy way to protect furniture and other more fragile items. A moving dolly is almost a necessity. It's the easiest way to move several boxes at once or to help with a more awkward piece. I never move without one!

    There are also straps that can help move large, heavy items that are unable to be taken apart. We usually use straps to move our heavy armoire that won't...MORE fit on the dolly. They cost just a few cents per day and are an inexpensive way to save strain on your back.

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    Pay the Deposit


    The rental deposit will be charged on the pick-up day. You also have the option of paying the entire amount, although you may still need to pay for additional gas or mileage when the truck is returned. Some agencies don't take a deposit, but instead keep your credit card information on file. Be prepared to pay at least half the amount that will be owing when the truck is returned.

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    Check the Truck for Damage, Mileage and Gas Gauge

    Inspecting the Truck

    Before you sign-off on the rental agreement, make sure you thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Check for scratches, dents, bumps and anything on the interior that has been damaged. Make sure all signs of wear are listed on the inspection sheet. Also, the agent will record the current mileage and amount of gas in the tank. Check to ensure the odometer reading and gas levels are correct. Remember, after you've finished moving, fill up the tank before you return the vehicle. Agencies charge an...MORE average (usually high amount) for gas plus a service fee for filling.

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    Sign and Safely Secure all Documents and Receipts

    Receipts and Documents

    Before you leave, ensure you have all relevant documents with you. This includes signed copies of the rental agreement, the inspection sheet and any additional documents such as insurance coverage forms and trip reports. These documents are critical if you are stopped by highway patrol or if you need to pass through any inspection stations. Also, when you return the vehicle, take your copies with you.

    It's also important to keep documents as proof of your move. This may allow you to write off...MORE your move. Gas receipts, food and hotels that are collected during your transfer can be part of the deduction.

    For more information on moving tax deductions, check out Can You Deduct Your Moving Expenses?

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    Loading the Truck

    Loading a Truck

    Now all you have to do is drive the truck home, load it and move!

    Loading a truck can be a little overwhelming; seeing all that space that needs to be filled by your stuff may make your head swim. You'll be asking, "will it all fit?"

    There are good rules and guidelines to loading a rental truck. Save yourself some time - and some arguments with your spouse - and follow the 6 Steps to Loading the Truck. You and everyone who's helping you move will be relived that you're so organized!

    Above all, try...MORE to have some fun and enjoy this exciting change.