Replace a Mixet Shower Cartridge

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    Replace A Mixet Shower Cartridge

    Mixet shower valve
    Aaron Stickley

    Mixet shower valves are a very common type of shower valve. They are also very easy and inexpensive to fix when they wear out.

    Signs that a Mixet cartridge is wearing out are:

    1. Stiff Diverter - It becomes difficult to divert the temperature from hot to cold on the temp control.
    2. Dripping - The valve is dripping or takes a lot of tightening to actually get the valve to not drip.
    3. Temperature Imbalance - The hot and cold are not balancing as good as it used to.
    4. Frequent Repairs - Replacing the plastic...MORE handle is occurring more often then you like.

    A Mixet shower valve works quite well, so if you put a new cartridge and handle kit on it can give you many more years of service.

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    Turn Off Water And Drain Pipes

    Mixet Cartridge
    Aaron Stickley

    To replace a Mixet shower cartridge you will start by ​shutting off the water to the house. Drain any water remaining in the pipes by turning on the faucet in the bathroom sink.

    You will need a Mixet shower cartridge which can be purchased at most home improvement or hardware stores.

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    Remove The Mixet Handle And Temperature Knob

    Mixet Handle
    Aaron Stickley

    Remove the screw in the center of the handle and then pull the handle straight out. Now remove the temperature knob by partially unscrewing the screw in the top of the knob. Then just shake it a bit back and forth and side to side and it should just pop out of its position.

    There should be a screw holding the escutcheon plate on, unscrew this and pull the plate off. You may have to cut the trim caulking off of the plate to remove it fully.

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    Remove The Mixet Cartridge

    Removing a Mixet cartridge
    Aaron Stickley

    With the handle removed you can use pliers to unscrew the assembly nut on the Mixet cartridge. Turn the nut counterclockwise until it comes all the way off. The cartridge will remain inside of the valve body after the nut is off.

    Next use pliers to hold onto the flat ridges of the cartridge and turn a bit from side to side while pulling straight out to remove the cartridge.

    Note: In a few models there is a retaining clip that also holds the cartridge in place. The clip will have to be pulled...MORE straight out of the threads before pulling the cartridge out.

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    Install The New Mixet Cartridge

    Installing a new Mixet cartridge
    Aaron Stickley

    Before putting the new Mixet cartridge in, make sure there is some stem grease on the o-rings.

    There is usually a red mark on the cartridge letting you know what side is up. If your temperature knob was in the down position put the cartridge in with the red mark facing up. However, if your temperature knob was in the up position the red mark down should face down.

    Push the cartridge all the way in. Wiggle it with the pliers while you push it in if necessary. Next, put the assembly nut on but make...MORE sure the 2 brass rings are around the plastic ring inside of the nut before the assembly nut is tightened.Tighten the nut firmly but keep checking with the temperature knob that you can still turn the cartridge from side to side. If the handle is too stiff you can loosen the nut a bit.

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    Install The Temperature Knob And Handle

    Installing a Mixet valve handle
    Aaron Stickley

    Finally, you can put the escutcheon plate back on the wall (or a new one if you have it). Install the temperature knob by making sure the little nipple is in the groove of the cartridge before you tighten the screw.

    Last you can put the handle back in place and screw it on. Test it to make sure it works properly. Then you can apply some caulking around the trim of the escutcheon to seal it up.

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    Correct Temperature Reversal

    Reverse Mixet temperature control
    Aaron Stickley
    If some how once you turn the water on you find that hot is to the right and cold to the left don’t worry. This can be easily fixed without even shutting off the water again.

    Simply remove the handle and temperature knobs again and open the water with the handle. While water is coming out of the spout spin the cartridge in place 180 degrees. This will solve the problem.