When Is it Time to Replace an Old Sofa Bed?

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Even with older sofa beds, sometimes simply replacing the mattress does the job nicely. But it doesn't work for everyone.

Try These Measures First

  • It is best to get in touch with a retailer that carries the sofa bed brand that you purchased in the first place. Their mattresses might be a better fit.
  • Covering the mattress with a topper. Add another layer underneath the mattress. The idea is to provide ample padding. You will have to remove everything when you fold your sofa back up or risk damaging the frame.
  • With older sofa beds, you may also find that the supporting bar can be felt through the mattress making it uncomfortable. Discomfort from the dreaded bars can be minimized by placing folded blankets or old comforters directly on top of them.
  • You may hear suggestions for putting plywood pieces under the mattress for more support. The problem that I see with that solution is that you have to remove those pieces before you fold the sofa bed back up. Plywood is not exactly light, either. However, if the sofa bed stays open all or most of the time, then it may be worth trying.

Hints These Measures Are Not Working

However, all these are makeshift measures and might fail to make any difference.

You may still have some sagging. Even worse, since you mentioned the frame, the problem may be structural in nature and go beyond simple aesthetics or minor discomfort. If you are using your sofa bed as your primary sleeping surface, then you might be putting your back in trouble. It is simply not worth it. This then is a good time to say goodbye to your old sofa bed.

You are correct when you say that older frames were made differently. Newer frames, even for the most inexpensive sofa beds are much improved, as sofa beds have improved tremendously over the years and can now be just as comfortable as beds.

What to Do Next

When you do go to buy a sofa bed, don't forget to try it out. Sit on it to see how comfortable it is. You will need it to be sturdy in addition to being comfortable. Don't just let the salesperson demonstrate how it opens and shuts. Open it yourself to see how well the mechanism works and whether it glides open smoothly. Test drive your sofa bed! Check to see that you can fold it back up without having to strain. After all, you'll be the one opening and closing it at home.

Above all, after opening it, don't forget to lie down on it to see whether it offers the level of comfort you need. A good sofa bed should last you years.

When trying out sofa beds and sleepers, you may find that inexpensive ones such as those from Jennifer Convertibles are initially just as comfortable as other, more expensive brands. If you are buying online, make sure to check the reviews. If some problem comes up again and again maybe you should stay away from that model or brand.

However, what you do need to remember is that the more expensive brands are expensive because of what is inside the sofa, such as better quality frames, supports, and filling. That is also why they tend to last longer.

As with buying any other piece of furniture, you will have to consider your pocketbook as well as your needs. However, if you are using the sofa bed as your everyday bed, then it makes sense to get the best that you can afford.

However, if the sofa bed happens to be in a room that is seldom used, then you can get away with one that is comfortable but may not last as long. If it is not getting much use anyway, it will still last a long time.