TV’s Most Famous Couch From 'Friends' Could Be Yours (For $3,000)

Could we BE any more excited?

Famous couch from Friends outside in front of a fountain next to a lamp

Chesnot / Contributor / Getty Images

This past year has been a time for melding into our sofas, becoming one with our living rooms, and binge-watching TV shows, old and new. Toynk, the online marketplace for all things geeky and pop culture, knows better than anyone that the entertainment world heavily influences our home design. That's why they've introduced a piece that will be sure to make a certain '90s fandom's day, week, month... or even their year. That's right, Friends fanatics. Now you can have your very own version of the iconic orange couch from the only cafe you might have visited in 2020: Central Perk.

If an afternoon spent at the gang’s favorite caffeine spot is your ultimate fantasy, then Toynk is bringing you one step closer to realizing that dream. A true, lifesize replica of the famous coffee shop couch is available to buy for just over $3k ($3,299.99, to be exact). As a near-exact copy, the 3-seater sofa features “tufted backing, plush burnt orange fabric, and fringe,” and is made of 100% polyester fabric over a wood frame, according to the website. Some assembly is required, and an exasperated Gunther serving coffee and dirty looks is not included.

In case you aren't familiar with the vibrant era of NBC Must-See TV, then a quick explainer: the Friends sets led to some serious design inspo at the time. From Monica and Rachel's classic purple door with the gold swirly frame to Chandler and Joey's leather recliners, there was truly something for everyone. But while the running joke might be that Monica and Rachel would never have been able to afford their enormous NYC apartment, Central Perk somehow always felt within reach.

The Central Perk aesthetic showed us the power of exposed brick and warm lighting, and it reminded us that the best spaces are filled with personality. With its cozy, mismatched furniture, giant coffee mugs, and a jewel-toned couch at the center of it all, the comfy hang-out spot was a major pop-culture foray into Boho style. And talk about a look that’s lasted! Paired with the right patterned rug, some plush pillows and throws, and a few overstuffed footstools, the Toynk replica could be the iconic piece your own Boho space is missing.

Or maybe a burnt orange sofa replicating a popular show from the 90s still sounds like a commitment. That's a fair take, but as Toynk says, “it will transform your space as an eye-catching statement piece.” They’ve also helpfully reminded potential purchasers that “in order to fit this couch into your space, you're going to need to pivot, pivot, pivot.” Consider that your Ross-inspired reminder to measure your space multiple times before clicking Add to Cart.

While limited quantities mean the sofa is sold out at the time of this post, we can only hope that Toynk will be there for us and bring it back ASAP.