How to Get a Free Gift Catalog From Current

The cover of the Spring 2020 Current catalog


The Current catalog is a free gift catalog that sells unique gifts in addition to gift wrap, greeting cards, and personal checks. Current has a large selection of personalized gifts inside the Current catalog, including personalized gifts for her, him, kids, and even the pet.

The Current catalog makes it easy for you to not only find meaningful gifts for others, but it also makes it easy to find new stuff for your home, home office, craft room, and just about any other area if your life.

How to Request a Current Catalog

You can request a free Current catalog by visiting the Request a Catalog page on the Current website.

The form requires that you enter your first and last name and the mailing address for where the Current catalog should be sent. You also can enter your email address, but it isn't necessary to get your free catalog.

On the right side of the form, be sure that the Current catalog you want to order has a check under it. If not, place a check in that box to ensure that the catalog is selected.

Before you finish the form, take note of the checkbox that asks you to sign up for Current emails and special offers. You can sign up for that if you wish but know that it's not a requirement to get the catalog. You could keep that box unchecked and still get the free catalog.

When finished, click the Submit button to send in your request for a free Current catalog.

Tip: Two other ways you should be able to request a catalog if the above form isn't working for you, is to either call their customer service at 1-800-525-7170 or email Current.

When you're ready to order from the Current catalog, you can use the included order form, print and fill out an order form from their website, or go online and order the same items.

Current Catalog Restrictions

The Current catalog can be mailed out to the United States and United States territories as well as Armed Forces Atlantic, Armed Forces Europe, and Armed Forces Pacific addresses.

The Current Online Catalog

While you wait for the latest Current catalog to hit your mailbox, you can view the latest Current catalog online. This online catalog is exactly like the catalog that they send in the mail.

There are some browsing benefits of looking at the online Current catalog. You can use the controls to zoom in or out, change the layout view, download or print pages, add notes, and share items that you like from the catalog.

Other Catalogs Like the Current Catalog

If you like the Current catalog and would like to order some other free gift catalogs, we recommend:

This is just a shortlisting, there are several other places that offer free catalogs.

Other Ways to Shop at Current

If you've found something in the Current catalog that you want to read more information on through the Current website, or to purchase online instead of over the phone, go to Current's website and enter in the item number to find it online.

On that note, you could also make purchases over the phone at 1-800-848-2848. Large quality orders should be made at 1-800-457-5975 or by emailing Current at

You can also shop at Current without using their catalog or without calling them, through their website at It's easy to shop on their website because all of their products are split up into categories like Checks, Address Labels & Stampers, Greeting Cards & Stationery, Gifts, For Kids, Wrapping Paper, Holiday & Events, Faith, For Your Home, and Calendars.

Those categories also house their own subcategories to help you find very specific gifts and other items at Current.

Another way to shop at Current is through the SALE, Deals & BOGOs menu. This particular section of their website shows you special deals like buy-one-get-one-free deals. It's here where you can also find specific deals like "for your home" sales and discounted greeting cards, wrapping paper, holiday items, calendars, kids' gifts, and much more.