How to Request a Free IKEA Catalog for 2023

Get inspiration for your home with the free IKEA catalog

Ikea catalog on a tabletop

The Spruce / Niv Rozenberg and Aubrey Hays

The IKEA catalog is a home decor and furniture catalog where you'll find modern and contemporary furniture and accessories all at great prices. Every August or September a new catalog is released with special prices that are guaranteed for the next year.

Their digital catalog is certainly an inspiration with almost 300 glossy pages filled with beautifully styled rooms that will inspire you to transform your home, so it looks like it came straight from the pages of the IKEA catalog.

The IKEA catalog is packed with just what you need for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's rooms, and other living spaces inside your home and out. Whether you're looking for a simple solution for a problem area, a seasonal refresh, or to completely makeover a room, it's sure to give you some great ideas.

How to Request and Use the Catalog

IKEA's 2023 catalog and brochures are available in digital form from their Catalog and Brochures page. Use the button on that page to open the current year's catalog.

What's available there includes seasonal catalogs, sales flyers, sustainability guides, storage and organization guides, business brochures, and catalogs just on bathrooms, wardrobes, and kitchens.

They can be viewed directly from your browser, so you don't need to download anything. But there's also a PDF option if you'd prefer to save it to your computer or phone and browse the catalog without an internet connection.

The digital catalog has a few advantages over the print version, such as the ability to search the catalog by keyword to find something specific in just a couple of seconds.

Ordering from the IKEA catalog is also extremely easy with the digital edition. You can hover your mouse over items you're interested in and choose More info to see that product's description and its current price, and even add it to your shopping cart.

More info link in the IKEA 2021 digital catalog

That said, if you prefer using the physical catalog and you'd rather not print hundreds of pages off at home, you should be able to pick up a free copy at your local IKEA.

Free Inspiration Inside the Pages

Even if you don't plan on purchasing any items from IKEA, it's a great catalog to have to give you inspiration for redecorating your home or simply refreshing it with some new ideas.

There are ideas galore, especially in the first half of the catalog. It will give you ideas on everything from innovative ways to hang your kids' artwork, to ways to decorate your living room bookshelves so they look like they come straight from the pages of a magazine.

Keep your eye out for the designer quotes within the catalog, they give some great decorating advice on how to spruce up your home. There are also some floor plans included to give you some new ideas on how to rearrange your existing furniture.


The IKEA catalog should be available to everyone in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries.

Visit the IKEA homepage and choose your country to see if the IKEA catalog is available where you live.